Alternative Cervical Cancer Treatment – 2 Natural Therapies

Alternative Cervical Cancer Treatment – 2 Natural Therapies
Cervix is a female organ than connects uterus and vagina. The cancerous growth that happens on the tissues of cervix is termed as cervical cancer. This disease happens in women. Cervical cancer is a slow growing one and hardly could it be detected till it reaches an advanced stage. There are many alternative cervical cancer treatments available these days, apart from traditional treatments like surgery.

Cervical cancer can be detected in early stages with the help of Pap smear screening. Apart from Pap smear screening, biopsy of the cervix is also an effective procedure to detect this disease. Biopsy of the cervix is performed using colposcopy, a cervix visual inspection procedure. An early stage this disease is treated by surgery while an advanced stage of this disorder is treated by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Apart from these traditional methods of treating, nowadays there are many alternative treatments available.

Bio-photonic light therapy: The word photon means light. In this therapy, the human body cells that have been drained by the disease are recharged by exposing them to light rays. Exposure of the body cells to natural light rays provides and complements for all the loss of body energy and strengthens the immune system too. This in turn helps in fighting the cancer cells.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture a traditional Chinese method of treating for various diseases including cervical cancer. These days even the western world has accepted these practices as an effective one after researches. Acupuncture includes removal of toxic substances from the blood, increasing blood flow, fighting the undesired accumulation of unwanted tissues that lead to tumor and cancer later on. Researches have proved that acupuncture increases body immunity system.

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