All About Cervical Cancer Survival Rate

All About Cervical Cancer Survival Rate

Cervical Cancer was once considered the most deadly and widespread cancer. But when deaths relating to it reached alarming rates comprehensive awareness campaigns were launched to inform women of the proper ways of preventing cancer of the cervix. Thus the said cancer transformed from being the most dangerous to being the most preventable. Regular pap smears almost ensures total prevention of incurring the disease. The number of women being diagnosed with the disease was reduced by more than 80%. New innovations in treatment have also resulted in an increase in the general Cervical Cancer Survival Rates.

Survival Rate of Cervical Cancer
Cervical Cancer can be described in four distinct stages. The said stages represent how much the cancer has grown and also how much of a threat it currently is. The stage of the disease also determines the appropriate treatment that needs to be applied to the patient.

Stage IA: 96-99% CSR
This is the earliest stage of the cancer in which the tumor is only visible under a microscope. Surgery is the best treatment in this period because that small size of the tumor allows it to easily be removed in an operation.

Stage IB: 80-90% CSR
In this stage the cancer starts to become visible to the naked eye. Usual treatment is surgery but in instances when an operation cannot suffice chemotherapy, radiation, and laser treatments may also be required.

Stage II: 65-69% CSR
In this stage the tumor has grown so much that it has already spread outside the uterus and infected the surrounding cells and tissues. It still however is yet to spread to the lateral walls of the pelvis or to the lower third of the vagina. Surgery again is the common option with supplementary chemotherapy, radiation, and laser treatment.

Stage III: 40-43% CSR
The cancer has grown to infect the walls of the pelvis as well as most of the vagina and may also have caused alterations to the kidneys. Surgery can no longer be performed in this stage the Cervical Cancer as it is already to widespread and thus causing a dramatic drop in the Survival Rate. Treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, and laser therapy.

Stage IV: 15-20% CSR
This is the final stage of the disease in which the tumor has reached the more distant organs. Chemotherapy, radiation and laser therapy are the available treatments.

Cervical Cancer Survival Rates are mere estimates and are not conclusive.

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