Lung Cancer Prevention

Lung Cancer Prevention

Circumstances and life style factors that increase a person?s chances of developing a disease are known as risk factors. On the contrary things that prevent disease from developing are called protective factors. Prevention involves increasing protective factors and decreases risk factors. There are various risk factors for lung cancer. Smoking is considered to be a factor that adds to the risk of lung cancer. The risk is also increased for passive smokers who are exposed to tobacco smoke indirectly.

It is possible to prevent lung cancer if it is not hereditary. In case there is history of lung cancer in the family, it may not be possible to totally eliminate chances of developing the disease. It is however possible to reduce chances by following an active lifestyle. Regular exercise lowers risks. Additionally, chances of developing lung cancer may reduce if a person consumes low fat diet that is high in fiber content.

Treatment of cancer is a painful process for the patient. Treatment ranges from radiotherapy, chemotherapy to surgery. The course of treatment depends upon the stage of disease. Sometimes a combination of treatment procedures may have to be administered simultaneously. Cancer in the third and fourth stage qualifies the extent of life span. Lung cancer treatment is not a guarantee that the disease will not recur. Surgery, in case of malignant tumors spreading to other parts of the body becomes quite difficult. Such delicate and complicated surgery often poses a risk to heart and windpipe.

Prevention is always better than cure. People may take advice and suggestions from their own doctor about risk factors faced by them. It is also necessary for people to be aware of various symptoms of lung cancer. Timely action can be taken to abate its development. There is plenty of information available online about preventive measures. Cancer institutes also organize seminars to educate on importance of prevention of lung cancer.

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