Cancer: Causes and Remedies (Part Three)

Cancer: Causes and Remedies (Part Three)

I honestly believe deep down inside of me that all the household cleaning over the years of my beloved mother using all those harmful household cleaning supplies such as Ajax, Windex, 409, Chlorox bleach, Pine Sol, and ammonia to name a few, played a role in her death stemming from pancreatic cancer. With pancreatic cancer, the greatest causative factors with this kind of cancer (the deadliest) is smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol (which my mother unwisely did plenty of in her lifetime). But the fumes from these harmful household cleaning supplies also played a major role as my mother never detoxified her body in her fifty-one years of existence on this earth in this last lifetime.

Commercial household cleaning supplies are caustic and immune debilitating. When you inhale these products, they lower your immunity. Everything you inhale (smell) goes directly to your bloodstream and therefore travels throughout the entire body.

It is better, safer, and wiser to switch to more earth-friendly and biodegradable household cleaning supplies (i.e., Ecover, Bon Ami, Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly Products, Country Save, Dr. Bronner’s, etc.).

When cleaning, always make sure the windows are open and that air is circulating in your home. If you have an ozone machine, run it while cleaning. An ozone machine is your best bet.

A lot of mechanics develop cancer as they are exposed to many harmful chemicals and fumes. Mechanics deal with serious toxicity everyday, smelling/inhaling all those poisonous chemical fumes. Because they have been working around these fumes for many years, they actually become numb, olfactory or smell-wise, to the harmful fumes.


The Los Angeles Times reported in the late 1990s that if a woman has taken birth control pills for more than ten years of her life, there’s an 80% chance of her developing some kind of female reproductive cancer. This is true!

Birth control pills play a big role in female reproductive cancers. Women would be wise to just accept the fact that they are female by nature and God made them to have (deliver) babies and they should stop trying to compete with and be like men. In attempting to stop or prevent life (birth control), they are ending up losing their very own lives. And the birth control pills cause cancer in areas of the body that denote femininity (breasts, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, uterus and vagina). This is a form of language here. You have disease and female organ(s) which basically means your disease is specifically related to an issue of femaleness or femininity, that’s why the disease manifests in these “female” organs. In attempting to be like and compete with men/males, females compromise their feminine integrity and goddess nature which “eats them up” (anger, frustration, sadness, etc.) inside. When the cancer appears in any female organ, it serves as a sign or sensor that the problem lies on a deeper metaphysical level pertaining to emotions, thoughts and attitude.

What about all the synthetic scents from colognes and perfumes? Are they cancer-causing? You bet they are! Nowadays, I don’t understand how people can purchase perfumes and colognes and not be concerned with what the ingredients are. These containers (and the glass bottles) of designer colognes, perfumes and fragrances do not even list the ingredients. While perfumes and colognes may not be a food, they are being consumed by the body. Anything you put on the skin is consumed and gets into the body (the blood).

I have written a few articles about the detrimental effect of using commercial brand sanitary napkins which are manufactured with the use of organochlorine (dioxin) for bleaching purposes. This harmful chemical finds its way into the female vaginal orifice and latches on to estrogen receptor sites and proliferates. This is a precursor to a female reproductive cancer.

Brain cancer has greatly escalated over the years. Is there any surprise considering how much time people spend on cellular phones? Cellular phones emit serious radiation. It would be wise to purchase a cellular phone diode to place on your phone. Diodes convert radioactive energy (radiation) into beneficial bionic energy. Every cellular phone should have a diode on it. Actually, anything emitting radiation should have some kind or form of diode on it.

Microwave ovens play a major role in the development of cancer. I have been saying this for some time now. After doing the research on microwave ovens back in 1996, I got rid of the brand new microwave oven I owned and once used in my Gardena apartment. I sat it out one night and the next morning it was gone. These ovens are dangerous! Yes, they may cook your food fast but you pay a dear price for their use in the end.

Normal cooking causes food molecules to spin to the right. Everything in nature naturally spins or moves to the right. The earth spins from right to left on its axis while revolving around the sun. Track runners run from right to left on a track field. Healthy cells spin from right to left.

But when you cook your so-called food in a microwave oven, a strange thing happens. The molecules spin in reverse from left to right. This is the SAME direction cancerous cells spin in. Food out of a microwave oven is directly cancerous! Microwave ovens cause an implosion in your food, especially meats. This means that instead of the heat penetrating into your food, the heat begins in the middle of your food. This is dangerous, People!

If you insist on still using a microwave oven, please lace it with crystals, diodes, and plants. Crystals that are great for neutralizing radiation include Covalite, Smoky Quartz, Fluorite, Lepidolite, Sodalite, Black Tourmline, Black Obsidian, and Jet, to name a few.

The Earth that we foolishly destroy (for financial gain, in most cases) supplies us with so much for our good. I am so thankful to Mother Earth and what she provides for us to protect us from ourselves (wicked inventions).

With over 700 chemical ingredients in them, cigarettes are a contract with premature and painful death. You are just outright foolish to smoke cigarettes if you do. There’s absolutely NO nutritional value derived from this insidious product. The same thing applies to alcohol and beer. These two things play the greatest role in the development of pancreatic cancer (which is no joke, People) followed by liver and lung cancer.

And these wire-strapped bras women wear – they inhibit circulation in the chest/breast area. These bras cause toxins to be trapped in the breast area. Therefore, the Body Intelligence causes internal trash bags called tumors to develop in an attempt to hold all of the waste in one spot so as to prevent these toxins from circulating throughout the entire body. And using underarm antiperspirants doesn’t help in this scenario. The chemicals in antiperspirants causes the sweat gland ducts to ball up and shut down, and because of this, toxins are not eliminated via the lymph nodes via the underarms, but are trapped in the breast/chest area. This plays a pivotal role in the physical manifestation or development of breast cancer.

Those daily 3-6 cups of coffee will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the physical development of stomach cancer and/or cancer of the esophagus.

Excessive ejaculation of sperm or semen without replenishing the nutrients will lead to a serious loss of precious minerals, especially zinc, which is pivotal in the physical manifestation of prostate cancer.

In re prostate cancer, tight underwear is also indicative here. Metaphysically, misogyny or too much “yang” or masculine energy not balanced by the female energy or “yin” fosters the physical development of prostate cancer.

Governmental Ban On Cancer Remedies

The United States Government plays a role in the high rates of cancer and cancer deaths amongst American citizenry. By banning certain effective alternative treatments, the U.S. Government via its medical military wing – FDA (Food and Drug Administration) causes many people to perish from cancer.

U.S. citizenship is predicated upon the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. U.S. citizens, property of the corporate United States (defined territorially in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution) pursuant to Section 4, Article 2 of the Constitution, can be regulated by the U.S. Congress and are. U.S. citizens (people) are property of the corporate United States and Congress can make all needful rules and regulations for its property. The American people are regulated by the FDA. And you have the nerves to talk freedom, talking about you have freedom in America and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. You’re free? Oh really? Are you free to get in your car without valid registration tags on your license plates without getting pulled over by some law enforcement agency? Hell no! Are you free to work your job without paying federal and state taxes that do not support you? Hell no! Are you free to get on an airplane without showing government-issued identification? Hell no! Are you free to have a baby in the hospital without a birth certificate being issued? Hell no!

Americans are not free. They are only free to think they are free. Americans are regulated and heavily so. They must account for everything. American citizens must keep books and records like corporations. Why? Because they are in fact corporations – living corporations (corporate entities).

When it comes to abortion (infanticide, murder) the government says “It’s your body and you have a choice.” But when it comes to trying an alternative cancer treatment, the government says “It’s not your body and you don’t have a choice.” Now ain’t that a bitch?

With the approval of the government (FDA), you can take birth control pills and other harmful pharmaceutical grade drugs that have serious side effects with the greatest side effect being “death”, but when it comes to natural and alternative cancer treatments and remedies, the government (FDA) bans these practices and products under the premise that they are harmful to human health. The FDA has some damn nerves talking about what is harmful in one breath and then turning around and approving the sale of cigarettes that destroy the health of smokers and nonsmokers.

How are you going to approve the sale of alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs and cigarettes, which the FDA has done, and then turn around and ban laetrile (Vitamin B-17), ozone/oxygen therapy, and Royal Raymond Rife technologies which help to eradicate cancer?

You see, the government wants you to become and stay sick. It’s easier to control and regulate sick people. Sick people are weak people.

Royal Raymond Rife created a machine back in the 1930s. This machine healed people of cancer and other fatal diseases. The U.S. Government came in and confiscated this machine.

Dr. Ed McCabe is considered the king of Oxygen or Ozone. Ozone is actually oxygen to the third power. Ozone is three molecules of oxygen whereas oxygen is only two molecules of oxygen. Ozone kills all viruses and negative bacteria and microorganisms. Parasites and worms hate oxygen. Nothing hates oxygen more than cancerous cells. Cells cannot remain cancerous in the presence of oxygen or ozone.

Ed McCabe started helping people heal from the most fatal and insidious diseases (i.e., so-called A.I.D.S., cancer, genital herpes, etc.) with the use of oxygen therapies. The governmental authorities found out about McCabe’s great works and came after him. The man has been in and out of jail all because he is helping people to heal and stay alive – a most beautiful thing. But because his modality is not approved by the government, he’s accused of violating various laws and regulations of the government. Now what’s more important: bullshit political laws and regulations or saving lives?

The same thing has happened to Dave Hinkson, founder of WaterOz, who was also helping people to heal from very insidious diseases and conditions. Dave is now serving time in federal prison after being framed by federal government officials (F.B.I.) who said Dave threatened them. This is blatant tyranny.

And the cowardly American people sit back and just let this medical tyranny take place. I thought you had some say with the payment of your tax dollars to the government? Your government does not give a damn about you. It is only concerned with its own existence. It is only concerned with power and at the expense of human lives.

The Declaration of Independence itself gives the American people the right to dissolve the present government when that government no longer serves the needs and best interests of the people and to set up a new government in its stead. But how can you expect people who are dependent upon the government to dissolve it? It’s pretty difficult to dissolve government when you’re dependent upon government for a welfare check, social security check, or disability check.

Hulda Clark was also helping people to heal NATURALLY from various cancers. The government ran her out of town too.

Dr. Marijah McCain, a naturopathic doctor in Arkansas, has been harassed by government numerous of times even having her expensive microscope confiscated by state authorities in her home state.

You may have also heard or read about the Canadian healer, Renee Caisse, creator of Essiac herbal tea, who ran into trouble with government because of the tea she put together and gave to cancer patients and victims which miraculously healed them from various cancers.

You see People, it’s politically correct to talk about finding a cure for cancer but it’s politically incorrect to actually find a cure for cancer.

However, there’s no need to find a cure for cancer because the cure (answer) is already here and government can’t do anything about it. Modification of thoughts, diet and lifestyle, and consuming the natural vegetation of the Earth is the cure for any and all diseases.

“…and the leaf shall be for the healing of the nations.” Revelation 22:2

“God causes the grass to grow for cattle and herb for the service of man.” Psalm 104:14

Now some folks ask me can cancer be injected into you or given to you. The answer is emphatically yes. Singer Bob Marley and Jack Ruby are two of the most notable figures in history who died of cancer being injected into them.

Neil Bush, brother of President George W. Bush, Jr., and Carl Colby, son of the late C.I.A. director William Colby, posed as writers for a music magazine and came to visit Marley while he was hiding in seclusion after a failed C.I.A. assassination attempt on Marley while performing live on stage. Marley was given a pair of boots as a gift that had a copper-like wire embedded in the boot.

Marley was one of many singers (including John Lennon, Mama Cass Elliott, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplan, Peter Tosh, etc.) who were covertly targeted by the U.S. Government because of either politically conscious songs and lyrics, political involvement and/or views (anti-government practices and policies, esp. war), or their influence on the American youth. And would government really want to kill entertainers? Check out the movie “Down On us” (also entitled “Beyond the Doors”) and read the book “The Covert War Against Rock” by Alex Constantine for the answer.

Jack Ruby, the shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald (who was framed with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy) was injected with a carcinogenic substance while in jail. This was “their” way of silencing Ruby (before he was to give testimony) and making sure the truth about the Kennedy assassination would never be exposed to the American people. Jack Ruby was murdered in jail. There’s a scene in the closing part of the movie “Ruby” starring Danny Aiello where Ruby is screaming from his jail cell, “They’re killing me! They’re killing me!” The man was screaming for his life. Ruby was a victim of medical liquid assassination just like civil rights attorney Johnny Cochran, former Nation of Islam minister Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Bob Marley, J. Edgar Hoover, James Earl Ray (who did not shoot Martin Luther King, Jr.), Marilyn Monroe, Pope John Paul I, John Belushi, and Ian Fleming of James Bond fame.

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