How Cervical Cancer Will Affect Childbirth

How Cervical Cancer Will Affect Childbirth

Once a woman has been diagnosed with cervical cancer, there may be several reasons as to why it may affect the possibility of her having a baby in the future.

For example:

1. If invasive cervical cancer has been diagnosed (cancer that shows metastasis [spread]) there would be a strong probability of a hysterectomy (the surgical removal of the uterus) being needed. Once surgery has taken place; the uterus has been removed and the woman would no longer be able to become pregnant.

2. If a less invasive cervical cancer has been diagnosed, the possibility of becoming pregnant in the future would be more positive, as only the cervix, part of the vagina, and part of the uterus is removed. However, if a pregnancy were to occur after this type of surgery, it would need to be closely monitored.

3. It may be possible that a woman is already pregnant when cervical cancer is diagnosed. In this case, the pregnancy would need to be evaluated by the doctor to see if it was considered safe or not to continue with (early stage diagnosis would probably allow for the pregnancy to continue depending on other factors too).

Evaluations may include certain tests at the time of diagnosis, followed by biopsies after the birth of the baby to check the state of the cancer. However, if the cancer was found to be at a later stage of development, and the pregnancy in an early stage, it would probably be advised that the pregnancy be aborted.

Conclusion – The probability of a pregnancy being affected after the diagnosis of cervical cancer is high; however, in such circumstances where the diagnosis may come late and the woman is already pregnant; the result would usually be that the pregnancy could go ahead with very few cases where the need would be to abort.

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