In-Spite of Cervical Cancer – Sandra Insisted to Have a Baby

In-Spite of Cervical Cancer – Sandra Insisted to Have a Baby

In-spite of having cervical cancer, Sandra Kent still wants to have a baby and fight for her right to get pregnant. She was adamant after having been into surgical treatment right after she has recovered giving birth to her child Ariel.

The level of responsiveness, perseverance as well as motherhood

Sandra Kent’s thrashing tale of life started with a twilight phone call about six years have passed. On the line was the secretary of the gynecologist telling her that after truthful and careful tests, the test that was made was invalid. She then who was at her 33rd age carried out the test again. After waiting for quite sometimes, the result was ready and she was asked to go to the clinic.”In just a couple of hours I was already there,” Mrs. Kent said. “The doctor made certain and told me that the result only requires removal of small lesions and could be done with local anesthesia.” Later she was supported by her family and friends to Dr. Hanna Shapiro for a surgery.

And that was when her, Sandra’s, worries had begun. Right after the said surgery, her doctor told her that it wasn’t possible to take out all the cancer cells thus another surgical operation is needed in order to save her life. ” I could hardly utter any word, should I do it, it will mean not to bear a child anymore.” Yet the doctor exclaimed, “We’re here for your life and not for your ambitions”

Sandra Kent was like being wrecked. On the other hand, her friend doctor, Dr. Shapiro, cheered her up. She told her about the surgery abroad which could still preserve the uterus after the operation. This kind of operation was mastered by Proffessor Daniel Edraz June – a well known expert in Lyon, France.

Sandra: “Statistics shows that there were already two Israelite women who undergone cervical operation abroad. I have called one and she motivated me and passed me to Dr. Ofer Lavie, the head of the gynecology unit of Caramel Medical Center in Haifa.” He has not done the cervical operation but he has compiled the information with regards to these instances in Israel and escorted the two patient for operation abroad.

“There I met him, Dr. Lavie and he educated me that it is upon the operation with the findings would be possible to conclude whether or not to remove and or preserve the uterus. He then added that there is a great risk of miscarriage whenever pregnant. However I opted to undergo the operation.”

Dr. Lavie’s colleague, Prof. Uzi Beller who is also a gynecologist and the director of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem invited Professor Edraz John, an expert from France to do the operation. The successful operation was happened on July 2003 at Caramel Medical Center and gynecologists throughout Israel watched the live broadcast airing out the good news. As Sandra open her eyes, Dr. Lavie told her, “inside the womb.” Sandra, “As I heard those words, I grinned and sleep again.”

Sandra was then released a week after the successful surgery informed that the lesions were taken out. Yet, she have to do follow up check up and to avoid getting pregnant within the early six months.

Get Well, Wedding, Birth

Time goes by and she met Tom, a medical expert from China. They were exclusively dating and few months later, they were married. They have been trying to let her conceive but she wasn’t able to until a couple of months. After the many attempts, she was pregnant but then miscarriage twice. Consulting to Professor Howard Achfaf pointed out that the miscarriage were associated with thyroid function which regulates the metabolism of the body.

Sandra: “I just took Altroxen pill daily and a couple of months later I was pregnant already. I really prayed and prayed that the pregnancy will endure.”

On the 29th week, Sandra was bleeding so she was rushed to the hospital to save the pregnancy until giving birth. On the 36th week, she was starting contractions and water breaking. Finally, after six years from surgery, a healthy baby was born via cesarean on the 20th of July from a mother who undergone cervix tumor surgery. The baby is now five months old in the name of Ariel.

Sandra Kent says, “Do all the required tests. We also have to know that doctors don’t always know all the solutions to your problems. Consult and check yourself and devote to a doctor who will treat you as human with life and emotion not just for medical records.”

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