Cervical Cancer – Upclose

Cervical Cancer – Upclose

Cancer is the malignant growth of tissues in the body or body organs that can spread to its surrounding parts causing problems on the health of the person affected. This is true with cervical cancer. Cervix or uterine cervix is the bottom part of a woman’s womb or uterus. When abnormal growth of tissues is observed and causes further invasion in other tissues of the body, leading to abnormal functioning, this is then classified as cancer.

It is surprising to know that women are becoming more oriented on HPV or the human papilloma virus. However, of the study conducted, only 20% of these women knew that HPV can cause cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer shows less symptoms that other types of cancer. Most often, pain is recognized only on the advance stage and when the condition is already severe. However, this danger can be minimized as cervical cancer can be traced on its early stage with pap smear.

Pap smear is done by taking a smear sample outside the uterine cervix. This is used to screen for probability of cervical cancer or pre-cancerous stage. It is suggested that you take an annual pap smear as part of your routine yearly gynecological tests. When abnormality is recognized, your doctor may request for biopsy to deepen the examination on your health condition.

Cancer of the cervix is caused by human papilloma virus. This is transmitted through direct contact with the affected area. Therefore, the use of condom in case of sexual contact does not guarantee that you are safe from infection. Other factors that may increase the risk of having cervical cancer is taking birth control contraceptives, early sexual contact and having multiple sexual partners.

What is alarming is that cancer of the cervix does not show its symptoms in the early stages. Therefore prevention is necessary. Aside from pap smear, HPV vaccine is already made available to lessen the risk of HPV infection.

Screening for cervical cancer is a necessary step to ensure that you do not only have a healthy reproductive system but also a healthy body. Include it in your health must-do and save your life early.

Riza C. Belgira is health enthusiast and an advocate of strengthening women’s health and well-being through informative health resources and articles.

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