How Dangerous is Breast Cancer?

How Dangerous is Breast Cancer?

How dangerous is breast cancer? Well, breast cancer is really dangerous but there are now lots of treatments available. You’re free to choose between conventional treatments and alternative treatments. Through accurate diagnosis, the doctor can provide you with the proper treatment plan that can cure your illness.

If you were diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago, it would have been a hopeless case. Thanks to the developments in the medical industry, the cancer treatments today are very effective and the survival rates are also high.

Most cancer patients are women but there are also men who develop the disease. In the US alone, more than 200,000 people are diagnosed breast cancer. It is also the leading cause of deaths among women and it is also the highest so far as compared to other types of cancer. Women who are already in their menopause stage are prone to it; not only that, women taking HRTs and pills are also susceptible to the disease. Excessive alcohol intake and being overweight can also lead to this ailment. Certain genes cause breast cancer and if one of these genes is present in your family, you’re at high risk.

When you have breast cancer, the tissues in your breast are already cancerous. It usually appears like a lump or tumor in the breast area. Not all lumps are cancerous because some of them are just normal lumps but you need to be sure.

Some of the symptoms of breast cancer are swelling or lump in the breast, increased breast size, change in color or dimpling of the skin, and unusual nipple discharge. In order to cure it, early detection is vital. When the cancer has reached the advanced stage or Stage 4, it will be a bit difficult to treat.

There are different ways to detect breast cancer. Every year, you can undergo a medical exam conducted by a doctor. Women over 40 years can undergo mammogram or ultrasound. Doctors usually employ biopsy to determine if the lump or mass is cancerous. Some individuals also conduct BSE wherein they examine their breasts for any abnormality.

Some of the treatments available for treating breast cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, hormone treatment, and radiation therapy. If you find these treatments quite costly, you can opt for alternative treatments like natural medicines and homeopathy.

Since breast cancer is considered a dangerous disease, prevention is the key to stop its development. Some of the treatments can damage the body and so the patients often feel exhausted and stressed. For those who want to feel relaxed instead of tired, they can undergo a massage therapy or any other alternative treatment. Prevention is still better than cure and this applies to all kinds of health problem. If it runs in your genes and if you’re already aging, you need to be more aware if there are any changes in your breasts. Keep in mind that this disease does not discriminate.

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