Skin Cancer – A Review

Skin Cancer – A Review

Cancer is the most dreadful disease. However, skin cancer is somewhat less virulent compared to the other variety of cancers. Skin cancer by far the most common form of cancer among human beings. The incidence of such cancer is quite high. The USA records several thousands cases every year.

What Is It And How Many Types Are There

The uncontrolled growth of skin cells results in skin cancer. The type of skin cancer depends upon the type of cell it arises from.

The skin basically has 3 types of cells,namely Basal Cell,Squamous Cell and pigment containing cells called Melanocyte. Accordingly, varieties of cancers are Basal Cell,Squamous and Melanoma. Among these,Melanoma is the most dangerous and is also known as malignant Melanoma. Basal cell variety by far is the most common and constitutes 90% of all all such cancers.

Most skin cancers have a tendency of spreading to other organs. This is known as metastasis. The metastatic potential of melanoma is highest.

What Causes It.

There are multiple causes. Fair complexioned individuals of Celtic descent who are prone to sunburn are potential candidates for this kind of disorder.

Environmental factors like chronic exposure to sunlight particularly the Ultraviolet Spectrum appears to play a significant role in causing it

People using indoor Sunbathing equipment that utilizes Ultraviolet light are extremely susceptible to develop skin cancer.

How Does It Look

The appearance of such cancer condition depends on the type of skin cancer. Some are seen as small pearly nodules increasing slowly in size and may become ulcerated. Others are seen as flat whitish or yellowish plaque. The majority develop it over sun exposed parts of the head and neck. It may also occur on the trunk and extremities.

Can It Be Prevented.

Yes it can be prevented. The emphasis must be placed on early prevention. Chronic exposure to Sunlight and UV-b rays are the most important factors causing skin cancer and should be avoided.

Use of sunscreen lotions should be encouraged. Tanning salons and exposure to sun during midday should be avoided.

What One Should Be Careful About

Any abnormal growth and change in appearance of skin on sun exposed parts of the body, known as precancerous lesion must not be neglected should be treated early.

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