Is Coffee Causing Your Stomach Acidity Problem, Or Is It A Bacteria?

Is Coffee Causing Your Stomach Acidity Problem, Or Is It A Bacteria?

Is the cause of your stomach acid flare ups from coffee or a bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori? Many people think coffee is the culprit, when in fact the coffee only manifests the symptoms of a greater problem. The over production of stomach acid can be caused by a little known about bacteria called H. pylori which is able to survive in the extremely low pH of the stomach related to the unique make-up of the bacteria. Over 50% of the world’s population have it and don’t know it. Many attribute their ulcer symptoms to diet, stress, and heredity, when in fact the root cause may be simply detected in the doctor’s office and treated with antibiotic therapy and proton pump inhibitors, or PPI therapy.

H. pylori is a nasty little bug that loves the environment of the strong stomach acid, and is spread by saliva. Yes, kissing is a germ factory environment. H. pylori throws off a substance that neutralizes the stomach acid, and does not allow the stomach to digest food properly. H. pylori burrows into the stomach lining and eats a hole in the gastric mucosa creating and ulcer. In the process, H. pylori causes the stomach to over produce stomach acid, resulting in Gastric Acid Reflux Disease, or GERD. GERD is very common and is often attributed to diet, when the culprit is really caused by a treatable bacteria. GERD can result in Barrett’s esophagus, a precancerous condition of the lining of the esophagus, and in some cases is thought to cause stomach cancer. As previously noted, this little bacteria is found in over 50% of the world’s population and is treatable.

The next time you find yourself drooling over the thought of grinding fresh coffee beans or wanting to enjoy a stimulating cup of fresh hot coffee, give serious thought to what could be the root cause of your over production of stomach acid. Most of us would consider that applying a Band-Aid to a wound that really requires surgery is foolish. Why trifle with your digestive health? Enhancing your knowledge with facts about the root cause of your stomach acidity problem makes the most sense.

There are bucket loads of facts on the internet today about H. pylori if you want technological, in-depth studies. For all practical purposes, testing for H. Pylori is simple. If you have a problem with the overproduction of stomach acid, ask your physician to do the necessary tests. Take charge of your own health care decisions, and be informed. An informed health care consumer is always miles ahead of someone who simply accepts what ever their health care provider tells them. Be informed, and take charge. Be one who directs your health care provider to the root cause of your over production of stomach acid. Don’t be someone else’s Guinea pig. Once the root of the problem is captured and cured, you can enjoy your coffee again!

Enjoy the pure pleasure of fresh ground coffee every day! Each day is a gift. Make it wonderful!

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