Cancer Society

Cancer Society

Every country has it’s a cancer society that basically is a health organization with a sole aim to bring awareness about the fatal disease, prevention, treatment and social impact. A few of these are:

American cancer society

It is a nationwide organization where dedicated individuals work on voluntary basis for the purpose of eradicating cancer. They are helping the community through:

Medical aid
Related services
Initially named American Society for the control of cancer, it was founded in 1913 by fifteen eminent physicians. Currently, it has thirteen divisions with over 3,400 offices all over U.S, whereas the head department is in Atlanta, Georgia. It provides grants to meet its goals.

Canadian cancer society

This is another charitable community, striving hard to reduce the incidences of cancer as much as possible. This is the largest national charity for cancer in Canada with:

10 divisions at provisional and territorial level
Offices in Ottawa and Toronto
1700 active volunteers, approximately.
1200 staff members working full-time.
A board of director chaired by a president operates each division in collaboration with one another, throughout the country. They provide:

Accommodation with transport facility in a few areas
Cancer connection which is a peer support program to connect people having the same disease troubles.
Toll-free cancer information service via phone (in two languages). Their contact number is 1 888 939 3333.
Norwegian cancer society

An NGO in Norway founded in 1938, it is promoting awareness as well as funding for research on cancer. Previously it was known as Norsk Forening til Kreftens Bekjempelse and then after ten years, in 1948 it merged with Landsforeningen mot Kreft.

Irish cancer society

The charity organization of Ireland focuses on cancer elimination programs on national level. It was established in 1963 and is completely financed by public donators and not the local government. It has the honor of being the largest fund provider for cancer research in the country. The services offered here are:

Patient care
Education through publications, advertisement campaigns and media
The only fund raising activity carried out by them is Daffodil Day which collected 22 percent of their annual revenue that is about 4 million Euro in 2008, which is a huge success and shows the high standard and hard work by the members.

European cancer organization (ECCO)

It has 50,000 oncologists to promote the treatment and prevention of the cancer in the entire Europe. It connects all cancer societies of the continent together to help educate them and create awareness in collaboration with policymakers and other professionals of oncology field. It came into being in 2007, when Federation of European Cancer Societies (FECS) was disbanded and replace by it. The ‘European Journal of Cancer’ is published by ECCO to fulfill the aim of eliminating this deadly disease a distinction this organization is well-known is in Europe and internationally.

National children’s cancer society (NCCS)

It was founded back in 1987 to provide funding for the newly started procedures for bone marrow transplantation among children. The main office is located in St. Louis, Missouri.It supports cancer programs nationally and all over the world. As far as the donation is concerned, so far, it has contributed a hefty amount that is $47 million to about 25,000 children besides assisting in other wellness programs. In 2008, it has an annual budget of $36.3 million and had assets of only $3.7 million.

Rofeh Cholim Cancer society (RCCS)

It provides insurance policy to cancer patients. Rabbi Hershel Kohn laid its foundation in 1997 to provide the best care for suffering people. Their motto is that we Fund Miracles. Thousands of Jews gather at an assembly organized here to pray for distressed persons.

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