Common Cancer Symptoms

Common Cancer Symptoms

World Health Organization (WHO) have noted an estimated 12 million deaths in 2030, cancer remains to be one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide. Cancer, is a term that is used to define a single cell developed in an irregular and abnormal way and progresses into a malignant tumor and damages other cells. Cancer is a broad term that encompasses over a hundred different types.

Cancer itself is flexible and versatile and it displays different types of symptoms. Although each type has its own set of characteristics, there are some cancer symptoms that may occur in many types of cancer that is why identifying the symptoms and seeking early treatment can help protecting your life. Cancer, on the other hand, if not treated will eventually cause further damage to other cells and tissues, leading to pain and death if not treated.

These early symptoms of cancer may be deemed vague but if suspected, call your doctor at once. Being vigilant with what we feel will help a lot in intercepting the cancer cells from spreading. Irregular change in bowel and activities of the bladder. Symptoms include constipation, diarrhea, or stool narrowing that might last for couple of days. Other symptoms include rectal breeding or blood accumulated along with the stool, irregular urination, irregular urine content, or any urine blood. This might lead to bladder cancer.

A simple skin lump that does not heal might also be one of the manifestations of skin cancer. Sometimes this could just be a lump or irritation in the skin, shiny looking, it might be waxy at times, and the color might be red or it can be brown as well. It could be skin cancer. Be very careful because what seems to be natural might be a sign of cancer.

Irregular and successive bleeding. These could be abnormal discharges from the vagina, or gall bladder that could result to uterine or bladder cancer. If in any way, you are seeing blood going along with the normal body processes, you need to have yourself checked at once since this might lead to a more serious illness. It might already be a form of cancer.

Thickening or lump in breast or some parts of the body muscles. The development of a new muscle lump, skin irritation, pains in the nipple, or discharge might also be a cancer symptom. This could be breast cancer. Difficulty in swallowing or Indigestion might lead to cancer. Other signs could include unintentional weight loss; loss of appetite, anemia, and other types of symptoms that are ulcer-like. It could be esophageal or stomach cancer.

Obvious change in a mole or wart – spots on the skin that changes in size, shape and color should be seen be the doctor immediately. It could be melanoma or skin cancer.

Cough and Voice hoarseness. Cancer might also be a result of sore throat, difficulty in breathing, sudden pain in the ear that is constant, neck lump or irregular muscle mass. It could be laryngeal or lung cancer. Again, being vigilant is a must to intercept cancer cells from spreading and harming other healthy cells.

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