10 Natural Foods to Prevent Cancer

10 Natural Foods to Prevent Cancer

Cancer can occur to everyone without permission. It is one of deadly disease which is a nightmare for everyone. Before it comes to you and attacks your health, it is better to prevent it now. Doing exercise and eat healthy food are the best way to avoid any virus harass your body.

Here are 10 fruits and vegetables that you can combine to your meal in order to stay away from cancer. Starts to be healthy and you’ll never get sick anymore.

1. Oranges.
This fruit contain high vitamin C and rich of other anti-cancer composite. It includes over 170 photochemicals which consists of more than 20 carotenoids. Inside this fruit, there’s limonoids that function give bitter taste is effective as potent anti-cancer agents. Consume it regularly is good for your lower lung and stomach cancer.

2. Strawberries.
According to a study of the diet and health of 1,271 people, Harvard School of Health researchers state that people who love to eat strawberries can reduce cancer possibility up to 70%. The research also uncover that other berries family could prevent cancer too. So, you can pick blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries, red and purple grapes.

3. Blueberries.
The flavenoids compound that provides in it could prevent cancers if you eat it regularly. Besides that, this fruit is “the secret of youth”. It is because the antioxidants will protect your body against “oxidative stress” which is one of some biological processes that cause aging.

4. Tomatoes.
In addition rich of vitamin C, tomato also contains of flavenoid lycopene that aim to put off lung cancers, cervix, and prostate and mouth cancer.

5. Spinach
This dark vegetable loads of vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid. If you consume it two or more a week you’ll reduce the possibility of lower lung and breast cancer.

6. Red Cabbage.
Red Cabbage is not only rich of calcium, but also has anti-cancer flavenoids. So, you can eat it frequently if you want to prevent tumor in your life. Other cabbages like broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts bok choy and cauliflower also effective as the antidote.

7. Red Beets
Not only red cabbage that could make you away from disease, but also red beets. Just like red cabbage, it also consists of flavenoids.

8. Beans.
Beans contain of protease inhibitors that aim to protect your body from cancer attack. An especially soy bean that provides is flavones to reduce risk of breast cancer with blocking the tumor which influence estrogen.

9. Garlic.
It brings lot of sulphur that will neutralize the carcinogens and could slower tumor growth. Based on the study in Iowa, it found that woman who eats garlic once a week will trim down breast cancer incidence at 32%.

10. Whole Wheat.
Whole grain is one of woman’s diet ingredients that could lower breast cancer risk and heart disease. So, why you are not try to eat whole wheat at least once a week, it will decrease the potential cancer cause and make you stay health.

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