Natural Treatment For Cervical Cancer

Natural Treatment For Cervical Cancer

The fight against cervical cancer is stronger now more than ever. This is due to the increasing number of women affected by this condition. This paved way to different discoveries and treatment for cervical cancer.

What is cervical cancer?

This is the term used for the condition when there is an overpopulation of abnormal cells found in the cervix. This organ is located in the lower area of the uterus that connects into the vaginal area. Unlike other types of cancer, this cancer has a high chance of being cured especially when it is diagnosed at an early stage.

What are the causes and symptoms?

This condition is caused by the appearance of a virus clinically known as human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus can be contacted when you have sexual intercourse with someone who has this. However, not all kinds of HPV result to this condition. In some cases, it results to genital warts. The worst part of this condition is that you can go on for years not knowing that you have HPV.

It stays in the body undetected and can just be discovered when there are already symptoms of this conditio. This is why doctors stress out the importance of having pap tests as this is a way to detect changes in the cervical cells and to know at the earliest sign if there are any abnormalities. The abnormality of the cervical cells usually does not exhibit tell-tale symptoms. Like I said, you can go on for years without experiencing anything unusual. However, you may experience the symptoms already if it has mutated into cancer cells.

The symptoms include abnormal bleeding from the vagina, sudden change in the menstrual cycle, bleeding after sex or even right after pressing your hands on your diaphragm, painful sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge that is accompanied by spots of blood.

What is the treatment and diagnosis?
Pap tests are very important since this method will detect the abnormalities in the cells. Taking this regularly can save your life considerably.

If the cancer is diagnosed early, treatments are highly effective. An early treatment for this condition will even make the chances of having children highly possible. However, if the cancer has progressed in a later stage already, the treatments will render a woman impossible to bear children. The methods used for these stages are hysterectomy (pelvic lymph nodes and even ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed), radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

Many people also use the added benefits of natural herbal remedies. This will not have adverse effects with their prescription medications. Some of the remedies used are:

This has shown great potential in slowing down the growth of cancer cells. It also helps promote the growth of healthy cells. This is not only used for cervical cancer but for other types of cancer as well.

This herb has natural anti-cancer properties. It is also known to effectively boost the immune system to ward off or slow down the growth of virus and bacteria.

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