Cancer Preventing Qualities of Green Tea

Cancer Preventing Qualities of Green Tea

One of the most important discoveries resulting from the many years of cancer research is the indication that there may be several natural ways to prevent cancer. Learning how we might prevent cancer could be the most important tool in eradicating this disease.

Determining cancer prevention techniques has been difficult in many cases, because we don’t know what causes many types of cancer. However, there are many forms of cancer that are partly, or completely, preventable. For example, we know that the vast majority of those who suffer from lung cancer are smokers. And, a large percentage of skin cancer is caused by over exposure to the sun and lack of sun protection.

If we can further our research and learn the causes of more types of cancer, then we will be well on our way to preventing many incidences of this disease. There have been some promising findings, and it appears that one thing that we can do to prevent many different types of cancer is drink green tea.

Researchers began looking at green tea’s properties because of the vast differences in health concerns between Asian cultures and our own. While more Asians than Americans are smokers, they have a far lower incidence of heart disease and lung cancer – the two diseases most likely to affect smokers.

In addition, Asians have a lower incidence of cancer, heart disease and stroke over all than Americans. And, Asians drink, on average, four cups of green tea each day.

There is very promising news about the possibilities that green tea can help prevent disease. Green tea is loaded with some of the most powerful anti-oxidants around, and we know that anti-oxidants are one of the most important keys to preventing cancer and many other diseases that plague us.

Anti- oxidants are important because they combat free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals are created as a by product of converting the food we eat to energy. If they are not kept in check, they wreak havoc on our bodies by damaging our cells and DNA. This leads to faster aging and a higher risk of many diseases, including cancer, heart disease and stroke. They even make us look older.

So, to prevent your risk of disease, doctors recommend that you have a diet high in anti-oxidants. And, not all anti-oxidants are created equal. It’s helpful to eat the foods that contain the most potent anti-oxidants. This includes pomegranates, tomatoes and blueberries. And, it also includes drinking green tea each day.

There have been many studies that link green tea with cancer prevention. One of the most interesting articles available on the subject was published by the University Hospitals of Cleveland. This article outlines in detail the findings of many studies that lead to the conclusion that green tea is effective at preventing many forms of cancer.

Green tea has been shown to be effective at protecting against many types of cancers when it becomes part of everyday life. It has shown promise in preventing colon cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and stomach cancer.

Most of these studies have been conducted on mice in laboratories or in vitro. And while, to be sure, we need to test the findings on humans, the indications are promising. And, to date, several human trials have begun. Of course, in the case of proving that green tea can prevent cancer, studies on humans would need to last for years to be conclusive.

There have also been some studies that indicate that green tea may even be effective at treating patients who already have cancer. Several studies have shown that traditional chemotherapy drugs were more effective when the patient was consuming green tea regularly during the months receiving treatment.

In addition to studies that indicate green tea’s effectiveness in preventing cancer when added to the diet, there is also indication that it may be effective at preventing and treating skin cancer when applied topically. Several studies have been conducted that have led to more research to be done on humans. It’s highly likely that you’ll see green tea extract added to your favorite sunscreen and skin care products in the future.

Green tea holds such wonderful possibilities, in part because it has no side effects. Even if green tea proves not to be effective at preventing or treating cancer, it is healthy and you can consume as much as you want without fear.

Another reason that green tea could hold so much promise is that it’s inexpensive. Adding green tea to your diet is a simple and cost effective way to protect your health. It is widely available and affordable to the masses.

So, drink up! Green tea is good for you – we know that. And, it’s likely that it’s even better for you than you imagined. A cup or two of green tea each day may be the key to protecting your health for years to come!

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