Survival Rate of Lung Cancer

Survival Rate of Lung Cancer

Over half of the over two thousand people who on the average contract lung cancer each year are dead within five years after the initial diagnosis of lung cancer. This statistic is a terrible one, that is to be admitted, but it also is important to also take into account that there are over forty percent more people who are surviving lung cancer today than there were ten years ago.

Lung cancer is the number one cancerous killer in the world today, beating out even breast cancer. Lung cancer is an aggressive enemy, what can we do to fight back against it?

Sun Tzo, in his book The Art of War, made the statement, “Know your enemy”. Certainly breast cancer is our enemy, a formidable one, so lets see exactly what we know about it in order that we may form a plan to combat against it intelligently, in both preventative measures and measures to fight against it should it be contracted.

First of all, what causes lung cancer? Medical professionals claim that their studies show that the number one cause of this cancer is smoking. It that is so, then it seems as if our first step is to eliminate as much smoking as possible. A good rule would be if you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, stop. It’s much easier not to smoke than it is to stop once one has started. Medical studies have shown smoking to be addictive. Well so is lung cancer! This cancer is so addictive that once it enters your body it spreads and spreads.

Another cause of lung cancer that we have at least some partial control over is second hand smoke. This too we can combat. Don’t allow smoking in your home! This is your castle, you are the king or queen and you have the right to say that smoking is not allowed there. Would you allow someone to come into your home and point a gun at you and play a form of what is called Russian Roulette? No of course you wouldn’t and allowing someone to smoke in your home is the same thing. If the smoker is your friend, they’ll respect your wishes, if they don’t, then they aren’t your friend to begin with and you don’t need either them or their second hand smoke around.

The lung cancer survival rate is a scary one, however look at it closely. There are two numbers on that scale, those that are dead within a five year period and those who are still living. Fight to prevent cancer, but should you contract it than fight to see to it that of the numbers on that survival rate scale you are amongst the survivors.

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