Prevention For Cancer

Prevention For Cancer

In this article I will be giving you a list of cancer preventing/curing foods with a VERY short explanation about each one, short because there are just so many out there and this article would be just too long if I gave complete explanations for each food type. Your doctor prescribed drugs my be the way you are used to hearing about preventing and curing cancer but research from all over the world is showing us, in abundance, the best prevention for cancer lies in your everyday foods, namely fresh fruits and vegetables.

These include:

Avocadoes: contains a compound calledglutathione, an antioxidant that blocks your intestines from absorbing certain free radical containing fats.

Cauliflower: cabbage, and broccoli: contains indole-3-carbinol, converts a certain cancer causing estrogen into a more protective variety, helping to protect against breast cancer.

Carrots: contain large quantities of beta-carotene, protects the body from a wide variety of cancers.

Jalapeno peppers and chilies: these contain “capsaicin” helps protect against stomach cancers.

Figs: contain benzaldehyde, helps to reduce size of tumors.

Flax: contains an antioxidant referred to as “lignans” this is known to help suppress cancerous changes in the body, also rich in omega 3.

Garlic: so many benefits, boosts the manufacture is immune cells to fight all kinds of disease and breaks down cancer causing substances.

Grapefruits: like most citrus fruits, all contain monoterpenes, a compound believed to help rid the body of cancer causing carcinogens.

Red grapes: and yes, this includes the grapes found in red wine, they contain antioxidants referred to as bioflavonoids, these are very powerful anti cancer compounds.
This is but a few out there, the list goes on, in short though, almost every fruit and vegetable we know has some kind of anti cancer compound within it, some more powerful than others. Another probably little known or understood cause of cancer is acid retention within the body, pollutants of almost every kind and even too much exercise by way of lactic acid build up within overtaxed muscles can cause your body to become “acidic”.

Acid levels within the body can raise whenever we consume acidic foods, you should be able to pick these just by their taste, drinks like coffee, alcohol, supermarket orange juice and others, soft drinks or “pop” drinks. Excess acid in most creatures, especially the one’s we like to eat and us, is stored in the fatty tissues, so when you are enjoying that next fatty cut of meat or burger etc, you are taking that animals excess acids into your own body where it floats around your body and “settles” in organs, veins, arteries, fat tissue etc and erodes the inside of your body thus causing many of the cancers we know today.

We can still enjoy a diet of meat however, just so long as we counteract the excess acids and other harmful compounds in our bodies with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

You just need to find out how, in doing this you will not only stave off the threat of cancer YOU WILL BEGIN TO FEEL GREAT ON EVERY LEVEL, as your body will become thou roughly healthy.

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