Can Alternative Therapies Cure Cancer?

Can Alternative Therapies Cure Cancer?

Cancer claims more than 8 million lives each year. For the past 50 years, scientists made drastic discoveries that positively affected many aspects of our lives. Yet, since 50 years, the diagnostic and treatment of cancer remains the same.

Conventional cancer treatment includes surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Doctor John Cairns from Harvard declared that “Chemotherapy drugs are of benefit to at most 5% of cancer patients they are given to, but are routinely given to 50% of patients”. On the other hand, there are thousands of persons diagnosed with cancer who successfully managed to beat their disease through alternative and non-conventional treatments. Most of alternative cancer treatments are purely based on herbs decoction and the intake of natural food particularly organic fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidant, minerals and vitamins. More and more scientific studies prove that vegetables and fruits are indispensable for an optimal health as they give a boost to the immune system helping it heal the body.

On the other hand, there’s an herbs decoction promoted by Rene Caisse that proved to cure cancer. It all started in 1922, when Rene Caisse, a Canadian Nurse, found a scare in an elderly patient. When she asked her about it, the women told her that in the 1890s she was diagnosed with breast cancer but having no money to undergo a breast surgery, an old Indian medicine man from the Ojibwa tribe gave her a mixture of herbal tea claiming that it will cure her breast cancer. Following his advice, the lady took the herbal tea and was still alive, cancer free, for almost 30 years later. Rene took the recipe just in case she might need it herself one day. In 1924, she tested the decoction tea on her aunt who was diagnosed with stomach cancer and was given 6 month to live. Her aunt lived for another 21 years old cancer free. The four herbs Caisse used were burdock root, sheep sorrel (whole herb including the roots), slippery elm and turkey rhubarb. She branded her formula and began successfully treating patients.

Furthermore, laboratory research prove that mistletoe has an anti-cancer properties and greatly stimulates the immune system.

Let’s hope that more serious and objective studies are undertaken by official organizations such as the FDA and the AMA regarding alternative cancer treatments so that one day cancer becomes history or a simple ailment that can be cured through widely available and affordable treatments.

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