Anti Cancer Food – The Top 10

Anti Cancer Food – The Top 10

It is reasonable to doubt that there are really Anti Cancer foods. Since cancer is a disease of the immune system and the immune system is there to fight for you, a better idea would be to support the system. I for one like to consider food as nurturing and not fighting, For instance food can nurture the immune system so that it is in tip top shape to do its job of vigilantly monitoring and destroying foreign invaders, as well as errant cells in your body.

Even the idea of you agonizing about the possibility of a cancer fight can put your immune system in a tizzy wondering what is upsetting you. This is one of the functions of the system, and this small idea can start a premature reaction at the cellular level as it tries to figure what needs to be done. These are called autoimmune reactions. Thus, it is better to always consider supporting the system.

This is easy. The immune system has specific nutritional requirements. A well fed immune system performs better than a world class war hero, sniffing out the lives and function of invaders at an astronomical rate. This process is supported by your confidence and vigilance in choosing to eat the fresh foods that continually supports the troops.

The moment you adopt the idea of a “nurturing my immune system program”, your system will perk up!

Your next step is to pick the right foods recommended by associations like The American Institute for Cancer Research whose sole purpose is to delve into the relationship of diet, weight and physical activity as it relates to cancer. Here is my pick of the ten foods.

1. Sweet potato and chili powder – Foods that are high in Vitamin A and Beta Carotenoids are linked with lung cancer protection. Examples are Sweet potato and Chili Powder. Find a recipe for Chili and eat it with a baked sweet potato and you should be well fortified.

2. Parsley is my pick. It is inexpensive and loaded with Vitamin C, is documented as a front line support of the immune system. Having vitamin C in your blood stream will boost immune function and protect your lungs. You can look forward to preserving your eyesight and backing off infections. Make a parsley pesto and snack away.

3. Yoghurts and dairy products contain Vitamin D. Foods that are high in D help absorption of calcium and maintain structural support of the body. Yoghurt can be eaten alone or can be used as an ingredient in some bake goods such as muffins.

4. Nuts and Seeds or Vitamin B foods – such as sesame seed butter also known as tahini, eggs and fish. These help the body to make antibodies that will actually keep the fight going until you win your cancer fight.

5. Bananas for potassium support of your brain and blood. Bananas can be eaten alone as a snack and is usually a main ingredient in some smoothies. Most of your immune support system is in the blood.

6. Ghee -also known as the Royal Oil – This is the ancient name given to clarified butter. With the invention of impostors like margarine and all sorts of manipulated oils in the name of saving us money and promises of better health, ghee fell from its lofty position. However, none of the health properties of ghee has changed. And it is still the first choice of oil in world cuisine, especially Indian. Ghee still tops the chart for promoting Health and Longevity. Ghee should be used sparingly because it is a fat. Here are some of the properties of ghee with regards to protection from cancer. It helps resist free radical damage and it is loaded with Vitamin A, D, K and choline. Ghee, a heart healthy fat, enhances longevity as it regulates metabolism of cell production. It helps keep cells from having erratic division which can lead to cancer cell proliferation in all body cells.

7. Tomatoes are high in Lycopene an antioxidant which will vigilantly help in the attack of errant cell production of the prostate. Errant calls have a mind of their own and can become cancerous. Lycopene has also been connected with healthy bones which need added attention as aging occurs. Tomatoes can be used to make salsa and an un-cooked soup called Gazpacho which contains the next anti cancer food – garlic

8. Garlic is mostly known to protect against stomach cancer. It can also regulate the amount of inflammatory activity in body cells. Garlic has allyl – sulfides that are involved in helping the body to prevent formation of cancer cells, by helping normal cells respond to oxidative stress. In the face of such stress, allyl – sulfides in garlic helps the cell to dismantle itself, thus lowering the production of cells that might become cancerous. This also can free up cellular material that can be recycled for future cellular production of healthy normal cells. I keep garlic on my counter as decoration and to remind me that a small pod can have powerful chemical and culinary health benefits.

9. Green tea – what can I say! If you seriously want to lower your risk of disease and age without medical fanfare, develop the habit of drinking green tea whenever you want. Its lists of benefits and anti-cancer effects will make you want to pay homage to your detoxification enzymes which are enhanced by the effects of green tea’s vigilant phytonutrients, such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Your body will have antioxidant aid in resisting both viral and bacterial infections. This will enable your immune system to function properly. Your overall health will not be compromised as your immune system sniffs out cancer cells before they proliferate, and cause serious, irreversible damage to body organs and tissues.

10. Cruciferous Vegetables – My favorite is kale. It is inexpensive, easy to cook and has a clean healthy taste. It is a master food for the human diet because it has beta carotene and lutein, two antioxidants that help your body to resist oxidative stress. This stress is disruptive to the body, lowers the efficiency of the immune system, and thus can expose you to the possibility of having to fight cancer.

Celia Westberry is an author, speaker and wellness lifestyle coach. She helps clients to reprogram their minds and bodies to have a personal relationship with food to be happier, healthier and more contented. Her award winning book – Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly, the easy way to slow aging, feel, great and look good has delicious recipes with food that can help you fight cancer and maintain a healthy, happy body. Find out more at http://www.eatyounger.com

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