Treatment For Cervical Cancer

Treatment For Cervical Cancer

The affected cells of the cervix are removed from the body and also the doctor takes measures to prevent the occurrence of the disease. As the cancer is characterized by the presence of tumor cells and these cells have to be completely destroyed for the normal functioning again. Usually surgery takes place after the treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Surgery is done in order to remove all the cancerous cells that are still present even after the procedure of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The treatment of cancer begins only after an analytical study is conducted by the doctor. This study is attained by them by conducting biopsy and other tests. If only the outer layer of the cervix is affected then the treatment becomes easier for the doctor. In case the infection has spread internally then the doctor must take extra care.

Before treatment the doctor must consider the metastatic level of cancer. the doctor removes the cancerous cells that are present in the organ and to what extent it has spread. The factor of metastasis is known to the doctors by conducting tests and diagnosis.

When the cervix has affected then the precancerous lesions develop and the disease can be treated during this phase only because later it becomes complicated. This lesion is removed by using the technique of cryocautery. Many points regarding the cervical cancer should be taken care of. The doctor must enquire the patient about the associated allergies. He must view his physical status very carefully before beginning any treatment. The cervical surgery conducted by the doctors aims to remove the cancerous cells by the application of chemical agents.

The type of surgery to be conducted depends upon the intensity of the disease. if the disease has developed to a diabetic patient then it must be dealt carefully. He must make him adopted to the physical condition before conducting surgery on him.

Hence cancer, if treated at an initial stage will work out effectively. The treatment finally depends upon the phase of development, time and intensity. If the cancer has spread to the other organs it can spread to the other organs. When the disease advances the treatment for the patient becomes very difficult. Even if the disease is treated the doctor cannot ensure the non-recurrence of the disease.

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