Cervical Cancer and Bacterial Vaginosis – Don’t Be Troubled – A Must Read Article

Cervical Cancer and Bacterial Vaginosis – Don’t Be Troubled – A Must Read Article

Women face many awkward illnesses that men are not supposed to. That is primarily because only the former can give birth. That has led to the presence of many organs only in women.

There is a cancer stipulated only for women: cervical cancer. Uterine malignancy across the fallopian tube may cause cervical cancer. It has a healthy mortality rate and so every effort is taken to undermine it.

Bacterial vaginosis is another illness, though much less dangerous; in fact very common. It results in women shedding out a discharge with an ominous smell. There is pus formation too in some cases. BV, as it is called is not a sexually transmitted disease, but climbs the chart in heavy sexual atmosphere.

There is not any apparent relation between BV and cervical cancer barring the obvious that they happen to women and in the genital region. The reports and researches suggest that there may be a bonding however.

The uterine cancer affected women are found to have traces of the bacteria B. Gardenerella. The bacteria cause BV and are found prolifically in the swollen uterus. That is by far the only connection between the two diseases and that too is hypothetical.

Some suggest that BV causes cervical cancer. Since they both are based on growth of cell, there is an illusion that the former (more common) may be causing the latter. But these are false assumption. Yes, this can be safely assumed that the presence of BV makes favorable ground for cervical cancer and vice versa.

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