All About Cervical Cancer

All About Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women. In the recent past, there has been a lot of awareness effort put in by the experts. Today, more women and girls are more aware of the disease. This is a cancer that affects the lower part of the uterus known as the cervix. Cancer is a condition that manifests as abnormal multiplications of body cells. In this case cells in the cervix multiply faster than can be controlled, resulting to tumors. Cervical cancer is a very devastating condition. According to statistics, in 2006 American cancer society recorded 9,710 cases of the disease. From observations, 3,700 women will die. This is a high percentage and something needs to be done to ensure that fatalities are reduced.

First, it is vital to have some in depth knowledge about cervical cancer. The Internet is a reliable source endowed with resources that you are certainly going to find helpful. As a woman, you
Will want to know some of the symptoms that might announce the disease. Unfortunately like many cancers, the symptoms occur when the disease has already developed; sometimes at very invasive levels. Some of the symptoms include the following. Vaginal bleeding which is abnormal will be a major indicator. This kind of bleeding is not as a result of monthly periods.

The bleeding will occur after menopause and between periods. Women affected will bleed after sex. The bleeding might be heavier and long lasting. Another symptom is a bad smelling discharge. This kind of discharge is referred to as being malodorous due to its nature of bad smell. There are various risk factors and causes of cervical cancer. A virus has been found to be responsible for a large extent of the disease. This is the human papilloma virus. There more than 100 types of the virus. Many of these cause watts or papilloma They are benign or non cancerous. There are more than 6 viruses of this kind that cause cancer of the cervix. Early sexual intercourse has also been found as a risk factor. Another factor is the use of tobacco.

Women who smoke are at high risk of developing the disease than those who do not smoke. Women who have used diethylstilbestrol will suffer from the condition more. This is the medication administrated to expectant mothers to prevent miscarriages.

Prevention is always better than cure; there are several things you can do to prevent the condition. All women in the reproductive age should go for human papilloma virus vaccination.

the vaccine has been found to destroy 70% of the various kinds of viruses that cause the disease. he vaccine is approved by the United States food and drugs administration. A void sex at early age. Women should go for regular check ups. A pap test will be done to diagnose. If you find
lat you have the disease, early treatment will ensure that your life is prolonged. You can eliminate the disease totally in cases where treatment works.

Several treatments that can be administered to patients include chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Every case is usually unique and your doctors will advice on the suitable treatment regiment. Above all, you need to maintain a positive attitude as you empower yourself on the disease. Overall death from the disease has declined and the future looks brighter.

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