Cervical Cancer Prognosis – What You Should Know

Cervical Cancer Prognosis – What You Should Know

Your cervical cancer prognosis depends on various things. You may be feeling pretty powerless right now and concerned for your future. You can get yourself informed and take control of your treatment and your prognosis.

Chemotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy and radiotherapy are not the only available treatments for ovarian cancer. Your oncologist will likely not know much about them for a few reasons.

These days, all mainstream cancer treatment is directed by drug company money and investment. It is well documented that competition is contained by various organizations with financial and professional interests in the cancer industry. You are free to research this further.

The average cancer patient generates tens of thousands of dollars for cancer drug and treatment providers before they die.

Few oncologists tell their patients that there are dozens of inexpensive and effective substances around that offset the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Why? Medical training focuses on surgery and FDA-approved drugs, so many doctors simply aren’t exposed to the alternatives. Despite this, a survey of 64 staff oncologists at Canada’s McGill Cancer Therapy Center found that 91% would not take chemotherapy themselves nor allow their family members to take it for cancer treatment because of its high toxicity and low effectiveness. Ironically, 75% of cancer patients are given chemotherapy as standard cancer treatment.

There are, in fact, over 350 non-toxic and effective treatments that have enable thousands to beat cancer, but because many of these substances and approaches are not patentable by drug companies, we don’t get to hear about them.

The long-term survival of cancer patients with metastatic cancer treated with chemotherapy is just 3%. Known alternative treatments offer long-term survival rates of 50-70% when used on their own, and combinations of alternative substances have been demonstrated to lift survival rates to more than 90%. No kidding.

Cancer patients owe it to themselves and their families to explore all the treatment options. Thousands of people have overcome cancer without subjecting themselves to toxic and often ineffective treatments. They just don’t have the advertising budget to tell everyone. Instead, their stories are on the Internet, posted by both survivors and their practitioners. You can make up your own mind about your treatment without handing over your future to someone else.

Find 47 first-hand accounts by cervical cancer survivors and learn more about natural cancer treatments that work at Alternative Medicine for Cancer [http://www.treatmentguides.info] Also available is a free guide on where to get treatment and support as well as free articles on cancer treatment options.

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