Cervical Cancer Treatments, Pre-invasive Stage

Cervical Cancer Treatments, Pre-invasive Stage

There probably can be no better reason for a paps test for women that the fact that if you catch cervical cancer cells early on you can take care of it fairly easily and on an outpatient basis. Over the last 40 years deaths from cervical cancer in the United States have become rare. This does not mean it still does not happen, because it does, but if women get routine and period pap tests it need not be a life threatening event.

There are several ways to treat cervical cancer in the early stages, especially when it has only occurred on the surface and lining inside. One popular way to remove the cancerous cells in the lining of the cervix is to use loop electrosurgical excision procedures or LEEP. This scrapes the cancerous cells to remove them. Lasers can also be used to kill cancerous cells using a light beam. The cells can also be frozen through cryo-surgery methods, which freezes the cancer cells and kills them. Conization is a method, which uses a scalpel cone to remove the area where the cervical abnormal tissue cells are.

If caught in early stages the problem and cancer cells can be removed cured. Of course this totally depends on early detection through screening. Talk to your doctor about this and get paps tests on a; regular, periodic and routine bases; we do not want you to wait, we need you. Think on this.

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