Treatments and Signs of Cervical Cancer

Treatments and Signs of Cervical Cancer

For a layman, the easiest definition of cervical cancer is that it is a cancer of cervix (the opening of the uterus that is connected to the vagina). This cancer, like all other cancers, has different stages. During the initial stage, the cells transform into something and this process is known as dysplasia. Abnormal cells take formation in the cervix and then they begin to multiply and spread in the area. It is one of the commonest types of cancers that attack females.

Signs of Cervical Cancer

It should be remembered that noticeable symptoms may occur only after the cancer reaches its dangerous stage. Following are some of the commonly noticeable signs that may occur:

-Pain during sexual intercourse or pain in the pelvic region
-Bleeding from vagina between periods
-Discharge from vagina, which is not normal
-Menstrual cycle extension in terms of duration and even heavy periods
-Bleeding after the menopause

Some of the Possible Treatments

These treatments can only help if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage.

If not much damage has been done, then doctors focus on removing that area where the abnormal cell growth has occurred. This can be done through a number of latest scientific ways such as laser surgery, loop electrosurgical excision procedure, cone biopsy, and cryosurgery.

If the cancer has grown much and is invasive, then the treatment and its duration will depend on the stage when it is detected. Some of the options include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hysterectomy.

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