How to Avoid Cervical Cancer Using Natural Methods

How to Avoid Cervical Cancer Using Natural Methods

Part of taking care of a woman’s health is to have a regular Pap test, it is also known as Pap smear test. It’s a simple process of checking if there are any changes in the cells of your cervix. According to studies there are natural methods that a woman can simply follow to help avoid the main causes of cervical cancer. Below are some methods that may serve as a guide:

• Strengthen your defenses by eating cabbage. According to studies consuming cabbage and other closely related vegetable helps in fighting cervical cancer-infected cells. It also strengthens the immune system. Eating other vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower will also be a big help, but overcooking is not recommended.

• Strengthen the immune system by simply reading. It is no longer a secret that experiencing chronic stress produces harmful effects in a person’s health. It is highly advised to forget problems in our life at least ten (10) minutes each day by reading entertaining books. According to studies it can lower stress levels up to sixty eight percent (68%).

• Eat high folate rich foods. People who have a low intake of folic acid in their bodies are more prone to have pre-cancerous injuries. According to written articles by some experts, people with inadequate intake of vitamin B causes the cervical membrane to become weak and easily be infected by viruses that attacks the cells in a more faster rate. It is highly advice to consume folate rich foods like fortified breakfast cereals, spinach and asparagus.

• Maintain the health of your tissue by drinking green tea. Green tea is known to be a good source of antioxidant which fights cancer cells. One may protect herself from the threat of cervical cancer by consuming few cups of green tea every day.

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