One Less HPV Vaccine Could Up Your Chances of Cervical Cancer by 44 Percent

One Less HPV Vaccine Could Up Your Chances of Cervical Cancer by 44 Percent

In case you didn’t know, HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is usually found among sexually active females. It has also been found that most healthy female bodies will fight against this virus on it’s own and will successfully rid itself of the virus without any medical intervention. The only danger of cervical cancer developing would be in the instance of persistent re-infection.

So why are we blasting ads on TV and in the news media, along with government mandates for young school aged children? The Journal of the American Medical Association stated in their August 2007 issue that they found no reason to implement this vaccine and that there was no reliable proof that it did what it purported to do which was prevent cervical cancer.

How many physicians actually read their medical journals on a regular basis to get this information? If your’s does not—perhaps you should question him on his own information as to the efficacy of this treatment.

Now add, that in the group of women who have persistent re-infection when given the vaccine, there is a 44% increased risk of precancerous cervical lesions and there can be no clear reason why any woman or child should be given this vaccine. The FDA report supporting this information was given by the very manufacturers of the HPV vaccine – Merck.

What about the adverse affects from the vaccine? Have you read any of the statistics? Probably not as these (as far as I know) have not been all over the newspapers and in TV ads. The public interest group, Judicial Watch, released documents obtained from the FDA that reported 1,637 adverse reactions prior to May 2007. There have been numerous reports of fainting, seizures, nausea, swelling of the injection sight, etc. There is also a report related to the number of deaths. Both reports can be downloaded from links on their web site.

The FDA report from Merck page 13, shows the statistics for those who have persistent re-infection. It should be very interesting to all those considering this vaccine that none of this information has been given the coverage that the actual vaccine promotion has been given. You can read the entire article by clicking on the first link on this page at the Natural News site.

Do your own research before having this vaccine given to your young daughters. What is the justification of mandating a vaccine for someone who might not ever become “sexually active”? Or someone who was sexually active but has now become celibate and her own body will take care of the problem, given the time it needs to heal itself?

Don’t fall for the hype from the TV ads. They intentionally pull on your heartstrings to make you feel like you are doing the right thing. Their motives are entirely financial. A series of these vaccines (three are recommended), has a cost of $360. If they can get every young woman and female child vaccinated, what are the profits they are pulling in for the pharmaceutical that produces it? You or your daughter’s ultimate health is not what they have in mind.

Jackie Martin has researched alternative/natural medicine for the past five years. Her blog WhenCancerHitsHome relates many of those findings

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