Pap Test Screening for Cervical Cancer

Pap Test Screening for Cervical Cancer

How serious is it to get paps test screening to reduce your chances of cervical cancer? One of the best ways to prevent cervical cancer is to watch for the HPV virus. There are a couple ways that pap tests are done. The most common way is for the doctor to brush cells off for a sample from you cervix. Then those cells are put on a glass slide and sent to a lab, where they are put under a microscope to look for abnormal cells. Those abnormal cells are reviewed. The other type of test is to use a fluid type test or liquid test, however the cell samples are collected the same way.

It is important to catch the abnormal cells in a pre-cancerous state and prevent a life threatening cancerous event. Many doctors will also look for the HPV virus by additionally ordering a DNA test, this is a good idea for those in the risk ages which are generally between 35 to 55 years of age. Those women under 30 years old usually are taken care of by their bodies eventually and the HPV infections would not be associated with cervical cancer.

Learn more about this, talk to your doctor, ask questions and do you own research. It is important to get pap test screening periodically and you would be wise to do so. Think on this.

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