Nutrition and Cervical Cancer

Nutrition and Cervical Cancer

It is important to eat well during cancer treatment. Eating well means getting enough calories to maintain a good weight and enough protein to keep up your strength. Good nutrition often helps people with cancer feel better and have more energy.

But eating well can be difficult. You may not feel like eating if you are uncomfortable or tired. Also, the side effects of treatment (such as poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, or mouth sores) can be a problem. Some people find that foods do not taste as good during cancer therapy.
The doctor, a dietitian, or another health care provider can suggest ways to maintain a healthy diet.

One thing you can look into is various cancer fighting foods. These are foods with naturally occurring cancer prevention properties. What these foods will do is to help boost your immune system, allowing the body to recover much faster. You may also want to consider drinking herbal tea, especially green tea as this type has many antioxidants which help to clean out the body of toxins and promotes overall health. Other types of foods you should consider are any berries (such as blue berries or strawberries), green leafy vegetables (lettuce for instance) and anything that is high in fiber such as whole grain breads.

Eating well and healthy will do much more for you then just “feel good”. It will go a long way to preventing cervical cancer and will also make your recover time, should you be diagnosed, that much shorter.

Laura Guthrie is a former cancer patient who successfully recovered. She now shares her best of the best information to give back.

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