Cervical Cancer Vaccinations Not Only for Teens

Cervical Cancer Vaccinations Not Only for Teens

A few years ago it was believed that cervical cancer vaccinations are more needed by teens and younger generations who are more actively involved with sex. But, nowadays the HPV vaccine is being used for women who are 24 to 45 for those who are not infected by human papillomavirus causing cervical cancer or other cervical diseases. This can be attributed to late marriage for women and increase divorce rates which have led to the increase of women having sexual relationships in middle age with other partners.

The study as conducted on 3,200 women, between 24 and 45. They have no history of cervical cancer or genital warts. Women were given the quadrivalent HPV vaccine or placebo. After about 2.2 years, researchers found that there were four infected cases among those who are vaccinated and 41 cases in the placebo group. This concludes that the vaccine was almost fully effective against the virus strains mainly 6, 11, 16, 18.

When the HPV types of 16 and 18 were considered, researchers came up with four cases in the vaccinated group and twenty three in placebo. This suggests that success rate was 83 percent against those 2 HPV types.

The result was as lower as thirty percent for the mixed group, i.e. the women who have HPV infection or related disease. Nonetheless, cervical cancer vaccination is an effective way for treatment of women younger and older to eliminate the cancerous cells from the body. For further complications, go to the nearest health provider and consult doctor. Doctor may suggest you about consequences of HPV vaccinations for aged women.

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