Facts About Cervical Cancer

Facts About Cervical Cancer

If you have heard of cervical cancer, then you must surely know about two vaccinations that have come up in past few years. The vaccines are Gardasil and Cervarix that are efficient in preventing the disease.

The two cervical cancer vaccinations have gained popularity worldwide due to rise in number of cases of cervical cancer. Along with this tremendous media penetration has led to the global platform for the vaccines. The increasing concern of health and fitness among major countries in the world has also given rise to advance treatment facilities for cancer.

Numerous women population around the world suffers from cervical cancer, which often leads to death. So vaccines are boon to prevent the deadly disease. However, it has to be clearly borne in mind that every medications and treatment including artificial drug, pharmaceutical product or vaccine comes along with some side effects both negative and positive. Cervical vaccines also belong to the same category.

The media should take responsibility in generating mass awareness about true facts of the cervical cancer vaccination. So you need to take care of it.Some of the health risks associated with the vaccines includes paralysis, loss of consciousness, hospitalization, Guillain Barre Syndrome, permanent disability or death.

It is better for patients and persons to know more about beneficial effects of the vaccines before using them. So you need to consult with Doctor If you face any problem.You have the right to information, so don’t believe in media exaggerations, judge it by yourself.

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