Women Who Have Been Active Early in Sexual Activity Can Have Cervical Cancer

Women Who Have Been Active Early in Sexual Activity Can Have Cervical Cancer

Studies reveal that cancer of the cervix occurs more often in women who become sexually active in early life. Cervix cancers may cause by a human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus is spread through sex and it can cause infection in the cervix or any part of woman sex organ. However, this virus never last long because the body can fight this virus (HPV), unlike the HIV. But if the body can’t fight the virus it will affect the cervix and turns into pre- cancer cells.

As of now most cervix cancers can be prevented and can be cured if diagnosed earlier through the use of Pap smear test. During the test, if the doctor can detect the abnormal cells she will recommend directly a medication so that the women can recover easily or if the cancer its already in full bloom operation would be a good option.

Cervix cancer may not cause any symptom or symptom unless in its early stage. But in time, it too usually cause abnormal bleeding or increased vaginal discharge. Women who have cervical cancer can feel moderate pain during sexual intercourse. The years of greatest risk for cancer of the cervix are when women reach the age of forty to forty- nine years old.

To avoid the risk of cancer of the cervix , physicians advise the women to have a pap smear once every two years. Pap smear is done by using the metal instrument speculum to open the vagina and examine the cervix. A cotton wool is used to rub off in the surface of the cervix to get the sample cells to be used in laboratory. The sample cells will be examine under the microscope to determine the presence of pre-cancers cells that may develop into cervix cancers.

Women who have cervix cancer may experience a loss of appetite, fatigue, pelvic and back pain. They also have a heavy bleeding during their monthly period.

The causes of cervix cancer may either from chlamydia infection, dietary factors, hormonal contraception, multiple pregnancies, uses the hormonal drugs diethylstilbestrol (DES). It also happen to a woman who have had many sexual partners, or whose partner with many sexual contacts. More cases of cervical cancer occur among women who use oral contraceptive than among those who rely on diaphragm.

Today Papanicolau test or pap smear for cervical cancer screening has been credited to increase the awareness of women about cervical cancer and it also reduce the incidence rate of this kind of cancer in some developed countries. Collopscope is also used to detect the cancer cells presents in the cervix. It is the magnifying instrument to examine the cervix if it shows inflammatory changes or any abnormal cells.

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