Genital Warts Treatment – Protect Yourself Against Cervical Cancer

Genital Warts Treatment – Protect Yourself Against Cervical Cancer

Genital warts are basically the representation of the most sexually transmitted disease and it can affect you if you are sexually active irrespective of your gender and age. The warts are also known as venereal warts and condyloma acuminata and are caused by a virus known as the Human Pappilomavirus (HPV).

In 90% of the cases the venereal warts are caused by HPV 6 and 11 and they are “low risk”. However in 10% cases the warts are caused by HPV 16, 18, 31 and 45 and they are regarded as ‘high risk”. In fact HPV 16 is responsible for 50% of the cervical cancer in women. And this is why genital warts treatment is so very important.

However before you can start the treatment is it essential to diagnose the warts. It is easier to diagnose the warts compared to other sexually transmitted diseases. To diagnose the warts successfully you need to follow a few steps.

Diagnosing the Warts

1) The first step of treatment is successful diagnosis. If you notice an abrasion in or near your genital region use a hand held mirror to get a better view. You will be able to get a good view of the warts if you lay down on a light colored towel.

2) It is important to understand that the warts may look different in different cases. While it might look like a mole in some cases in other cases it might resemble a cauliflower. Keep in mind that the warts usually appear in groups. At time the warts may be flat and it might be difficult to detect them with naked eyes.

3) Once you spot the warts look out for the symptoms that are associated with warts. The warts can cause irritation and itching and in some cases might lead to bleeding. It is important to know that in rare cases the warts might appear inside your mouth or throat due to oral sex.

Treating the Warts

When you start the treatment the first thing that you have to do is consult a doctor. The doctor will examine you and he might ask you to undergo biopsy to see whether the warts are malignant or not. Once you are sure that they are not malignant you can start treating them at home. A few home remedies that you can try for the warts are:

1) If there are warts on your penis you can use apple cider vinegar to treat them. Soak a ball of cotton in undiluted apple cider vinegar and apply on it. You can use a duct tape or band aid to keep the cotton ball in place.

2) You can use garlic poultice for genital warts treatment. Crush a couple of garlic cloves and apply it on your warts. Wipe it off with a cotton ball after 15 minutes.

3) Slice an onion and sprinkle the slices with salt. Leave it for 8 hours. This will draw out the onion juice from the slices. Apply the juice on the warts with a cotton ball.

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