Chinese Herbs Fighting With CancerChinese Herbs Fighting With Cancer

Chinese Herbs Fighting With CancerChinese Herbs Fighting With Cancer

Chinese medicine has involved the use of Chinese herbs in fighting cancer since well before the birth of Christ. The Chinese do not have a single word for cancer but rather several different words, since their medical professionals see cancer as several different disorders.

In today’s world, a number of people are turning to Chinese herbs as a treatment and hopeful cure for cancer rather than the more traditionally recognized treatments of chemotherapy and radiation which are ordinarily used in this country.

Different kinds of Chinese herbs are given in the battle against cancer. Some kinds are given to attack the tumor with blood breaking capabilities. Others are what are called anti toxic herbs which are given to toxicity which may have been caused by chemotherapy treatments.

Since the body must have the capability of fighting against the cancer which has invaded it, herbs are given to strengthen the immune system.

Still other herbs are given to put the body in what the Chinese medical professionals refer to as balance. This means that the body will function as one being, not several parts, each doing it’s own battle.

Along with the herbs given to fight the cancer and to set the body in balance, herbs are also given to prevent the recurrence of cancer.

Different herbs are given to specifically fight different kinds of cancer. Chinese medical professionals divide cancer into six distinct groups, breast cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer, seeing each one as a different disease, where as with American medical professionals, cancer is seen as one disease which strikes different parts of the body. Many American medical professionals are beginning to feel that their scientific studies are beginning to point towards this same idea, that cancer is not just one disease but several.

Many Chinese medical professionals feel that the use of Chinese herbs to fight the various kinds of cancer has proven to be successful. There are also a number of people who have been treated for cancer by the use of Chinese herbs who feel that they are now one hundred percent cancer free.

If a person decides to treat their cancer through the use of Chinese herbs it is important that they research the medical professionals qualifications to offer this kind of treatment just as they would in researching the qualifications of a person advertised as being a member of the American Medical Association.

Talk to your family doctor. Possibly the best solution for cancer treatment would be a combination of the traditional American treatments and the Chinese herbs. Make your decisions wisely.

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