High Intake of Fruits and Vegetables May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer Relapse

High Intake of Fruits and Vegetables May Lower Risk of Breast Cancer Relapse


The protective effects in one’s diet of particular fruits and vegetables that offers against cancer may intuitively seem to apply more to cancers that are related to the gastrointestinal tract, such as colon cancer, stomach cancer or intestinal cancer. On the other hand, for certain cancers, like those of the ovaries, prostate and breasts, one may be more inclined to believe that hormones play a bigger part.

The truth however, is that diet does play a significant role even in breast cancer. And a recent study has revealed that the consumption of good amount of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence by almost a third. This protective effect however, only seemed to apply to certain women but not to everyone.

3,000 breast cancer sufferers with an average age of fifty three were split into two control groups to assess if low fat intake and the consumption of higher amounts of fruits and vegetables than recommended by the US Government could play a part in preventing the return of the breast cancer. Half the women were asked to consume 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, which is double the five a day servings recommended by United States government agencies. This was to boost their content as well as the antioxidant content and they were asked to reduce their fat content. The second control group were asked to eat the five a day government guidelines.

When analyzing the data, the doctors found that 16% of those who doubled their fruit and vegetable intake suffered a relapse after 7 years, as compared to 23% of those in the control group. In post menopausal women, the results were more startling. They represented a reduction in risk of their breast cancer reoccurring by 47%, if they had lower levels of estrogen. After undergoing conventional breast cancer treatment, women had been found to have lower levels of estrogen as compared to those who did not and they suffered from hot flashes.

Whilst more research needs to be conducted it would imply that consuming at least ten portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day could assist in lowering the levels of estrogens in breast cancer survivors, and reducing their risk of a relapse. If this medical study is correct it could account for past anomalies that demonstrated that some women really benefited from increased amounts of fruit and vegetables and other women did not.

However, no single studies have ever implicated a health risk in eating a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables and it can do no harm to increase the amount for your overall health. Combine a healthy diet with regular exercise at least a walk for half an hour three times a week, and a positive attitude to your treatment cannot be beaten. Rest is also an important part of any cure it allows the body to recover.

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