Some Encouraging Lung Cancer Statistics

Some Encouraging Lung Cancer Statistics

Nothing is more frightening than receiving a diagnosis of lung cancer. After the initial diagnosis, there are many different treatment options, however people who have this condition like to know about lung cancer statistics and their chance of survival. The truth is that with the development of recent technology, these statistics are becoming more and more hopeful.

Approximately 106,000 men along with 90,000 woman are diagnosed with this condition each year. Out of those people who are diagnosed with lung cancer, approximately 89,000 men die and 69,000 women. Although these are still some staggering numbers that will frighten people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer, there is still hope much more hope.

The chances of your surviving this specific type of cancer will depend on a number of things, including which course of treatment you choose. Different doctors will suggest different methods of treatment, however there are some which are fairly standard, such as chemotherapy. In recent years more and more people have started seeking out natural, more healthy ways of getting rid of cancerous cells before they spread to other parts of their body. For men, lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the United States. There are a number of contributing factors that can ultimately lead to the full development of this condition, however cigarette smoking is the most common.

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer for white, Asian, American Indian, and Black men. It is only the third most common type of cancer for Hispanic men. Even though these statistics have been collected in as accurate a way as possible, they are not definite and do apply to everyone. The statistics on survival of this type of cancer differs greatly for a number of reasons. The first factor in whether or not you will survive lung cancer is the physician you choose and the hospital you select for treatment. The second factor is the specific type of treatment(s) you choose.

Other factors involved in cancer survival rates include lifestyle choices such as smoking or chewing tobacco as well as the physical condition of the person’s body when they attract the cancer. Whether or not cancer will spread to other parts of the body is still very unpredictable and is in constant research every single day by doctors and scientists alike. As new technology and medical advances are being made, the statistics for cancer continue to become brighter and more hopeful by those affected.

One of the most common types of lung cancer is small cell lung carcinoma, and the tricky thing about this condition is that you may not even know you have it until the cancer has spread to the brain or other vital parts of the body. The best thing you can do to avoid becoming just another statistic from lung cancer is be aware of the symptoms and get regular physicals from your doctor. Survival rates for both men and women are always on the rise each year because of new technology being developed every day. One of the best things you can do is just be aware of all the different treatment options that are available to you in terms of lung cancer.

Adam Bradley is a book publisher of How-To and information books. While researching lung cancer statistics and survival rates, he was shocked by the tremendous amount of bad information, scams, and bogus agencies. He felt that having to spend countless hours sorting articles and web pages just to find help during a period when time is of the essence was absurd. To help the victims and families of those exposed to asbestos, he and his research team compiled this information and offer a free 15 part Info-Course at: Asbestos Cancer Resources.com

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