Patient More Likely to Survive Throat Cancer If They Have HPV

Patient More Likely to Survive Throat Cancer If They Have HPV

According to latest report from U.S., people with HPV are more likely to survive head and neck cancer. This is indeed good news for patients who can reduce their toxic treatments like painful chemotherapy and radiation for cancer.

Some strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) are said to cause cervical cancer. These vaccines are used to prevent growth of cervical cancers in the cervix. 95 percent of the HPV positive cancers are caused by specific strains curbed using these vaccines, so the outcome of research is going to provide more fruitful result as companies, policy makers will promote more on the use of these prevention tools.

Cervarix and Gardasil are two most popular vaccines used to prevent i causing cervical cancer and other STD diseases like genital warts. Cervical cancer vaccines are more likely to help patients fight with the disease. Studies have revealed there are more chances of survival for patients whose cancer is caused due to HPV. Medically speaking, tumor growth within body is associated with the HPV, so it is much easier to treat the infection with cervical cancer vaccines.

A study was conducted on 323 patients suffering from advanced oropharyngeal cancer that affects throat behind the mouth. They were given both radiation and chemotherapy. Some 206 patients reported HPV positive tumors. It was found that 83 percent of the patient with HPV survived compared to 57.1 percent who have HPV negative cancer.

Other factors also revealed that 58 percent of patients who have HPV positive cancer are less likely to die from their cancers than those who are HPV negative.

The findings will surely boost confidence for many patients who are suffering from throat cancer. It would also result in cost effective treatment as costlier treatments like radiations and chemotherapy is reduced.

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