Find Out the Ultimate Secret For the Cure and Elimination of Cancer From Your Life

Find Out the Ultimate Secret For the Cure and Elimination of Cancer From Your Life


The majority of people do not know that cancer can be stopped before it affects their life and can even be reversed without the need to take conventional medication.

“Be afraid!… be very afraid!”

In the media there are daily messages that cancer is on the rise. Scientists predict that by the year 2020 there will be 15 million new cases of cancer worldwide each year, and 10 million deaths.

Experts predict the figures will increase markedly over the next 20 years as the population of the world continues to grow, and the average age rises. Older people are most at risk of cancer. It is likely that by 2020 some 60% of new cases of cancer will occur in developing countries.

World wide rates of cancer could rise 50 percent to 15 million new cases a year by 2020, but one-third can be cured and another third prevented by reducing infections and through lifestyle changes say experts.

Once considered a largely Western disease, cancer now affects and kills more people in the developing world than in industrialized nations. In many countries it accounts for more than a quarter of all deaths.

But according to the World Cancer Report, with existing knowledge it is possible to prevent at least one third of the 10 million cancer cases that occur each year throughout the world.

“By 2020 there will be a 50 percent increase in the number of people diagnosed with cancer unless steps are taken now,” said Dr. Bernard Stewart a leading cancer authority.

“The overall message is that we can prevent a third of cancers, we can probably cure a third of cancers, and for the remainder we can certainly do something for quality of life if pain management is adequate,” he told a news conference.

The report by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, calls for action to stem smoking, improve diet and physical activity and to prevent infections, in order to curb the disease that kills six million people worldwide each year.

But the report says changes in diet — including eating more fruits and vegetables — increasing exercise and preventing infections such as the hepatitis B and C viruses and other infections linked to liver, cervical and stomach cancers, will also make inroads.

“We know that there is a growing body of evidence on the effectiveness of those interventions,” said Dr. Rafael Bengoa of the world health organisation.

In other words, you could undoubtedly turn into just another statistic unless you take certain steps now to prevent cancer from ruining and then taking your life!

Cancer is a frightening disease and it can strike a person at any age. The conventional methods of treatment are harsh and have discouraging rates of health restoration. The secret to cancer prevention and elimination works.

Find out how you can prevent cancer as your life may depend on this.


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