Lung Cancer Guide – What Are the Main Causes?

Lung Cancer Guide – What Are the Main Causes?


Lung cancer is a serious illness that has taken so many lives. The treatment and cure for lung cancer is just as serious. Not many people are aware of other alternative treatments that can help so we are here to discuss them.

Lung Cancer overview

Cancer of the lungs is the abnormality of the cell growth. This abnormality in the cell growth causes abnormal division and generation of cells that forms into a lump of mass commonly known as a tumor.

This type of cancer has been reported to be the leading cause of death for many man and women all over the world. In fact, the American cancer society divulges that there are about 215, 020 cases of lung cancer in the United States only. This disease is especially common to the elderly. About 70% of the people diagnosed with lung cancer have ages over 65.

The causes of this condition have been attributed to the following factors:


The use of tobacco can put you at risk of developing this disease. 90% of people suffering from this prevalent condition are self-confessed tobacco users and chain smokers. The smoke from a tobacco contains 4,000 chemicals and most of them are carcinogenic or cancer cells-inducing.

Passive Smoking

Even if you are not a direct tobacco smoker, you can still develop this cancer when you are around people who smoke it. The inhalation of the smoke of tobacco alone can put you at risk of lung cancer.

Radon Gas

This gas came from the decay of uranium. The decay expels ionizing radiation. About 12% of the people suffering from lung cancer are caused by radon gas.

Asbestos Fiber

This is a silicate fiber that can stay in your lungs forever. Asbestos fibers are found in acoustic and thermal insulation. Since its discovery as the cause of lung cancer, this has been banned in many countries.

History of lung cancer

If you are from a family with a history of this disease, there is a high risk of developing it too.

Air Pollution.

We all know what air pollution can do. The continuous exposure to the smoke coming from vehicles, factories and other establishments can up your chances of having lung cancer. The cure of lung cancer can be by surgically removing the cancer with the use of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The treatment can be advised by your doctor but it is still your choice what treatment you should utilize.

We all know the side effects that chemotherapy can do to the body. Most patients undergoing chemotherapy experience fatigue, nausea, hair loss and other distressing side effects.

However, you can reduce the chances of feeling incredibly tired after every chemotherapy session by using a natural remedy that can increase your energy level. This natural remedy is called Fatigue Fighter.

Fatigue Fighter helps you in such a way that it promotes high and healthy energy level. In this way, you can feel revitalized and your stamina can be renewed. This product also supports your body in enduring physical trauma and stress.

This product contain safe and natural ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng, Olive leaf extract and Centella Asiatica which are all known for their benefits in contributing to a healthier and stronger body. The side effects of chemotherapy can be immensely alleviated with the use of Fatigue Fighter.

The cure for lung cancer is a long and grueling process. With Fatigue Fighter, you can face the odds of your condition in a stronger and more determined way.

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