Breast Cancer – What is an ”Early Stage” Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer – What is an ”Early Stage” Breast Cancer?

An “Early Stage” breast cancer is sometimes referred as Stage 1 breast cancer. In such cases, the affected region is less than 2-2.5 centimetres in diameter. However, cancer does not spread inside the tissue of the breast. In fact, among all the women detected for breast cancer in the U.S, 63% of them suffer from “Early Stage” Breast Cancer, as it is still localized to the tissue of the breast.

Today, Breast Cancer is considered to be one of the most deadly and emotional types of cancers occurring in women. However, it should be kept in mind that it is not only women, who are at a risk of having breast cancer. Men can also have such type of cancers, but most patients are female.

Early detection increases chances of survival

If the breast cancer is an early stage one and it is properly detected and treated, the survival rate of that patient increases to a large extent. The best trick to fight breast cancer is to catch it early on and generally women can detect it by finding a typical lump in any one of their breasts. Women should immediately check out in such cases but they should not worry, as all lumps are not cancers.

Early stage breast cancer cannot always be cured, even though cancerous cells are unable to reach the lymph nodes. Women, who catch early stage breast cancer, gets treated at that point and many of them are able to enjoy life in a normal lifestyle for more than ten years. It is highly recommended for every woman to check her breasts regularly to be on the safe side, so that possible cases of breast cancers can be detected early. With proper treatment, women can enjoy high survival rates.

Symptoms of Early Stage Cancer

An early stage breast cancer can be detected on the basis of various symptoms. Some of them are unexpected abnormal changes in the anatomy & the size of the breast, appearance of the skin of the breast becomes dimpled & puckered, sudden unexpected changes in the size and shape of the nipple like the changing position and nipple being inverted. Other symptoms include abnormal discharge from the nipple, development of rash in the nipple, continuous pain in the region of armpit & breast, thickening or formation of the lump in the armpit & breast and swelling of the collarbone region & armpit.

Treatment following the detection

Any of the above symptoms determine an early stage breast cancer and any woman having such symptoms should immediately contact her general physician. Doctors examine the patient properly and if necessary, can refer them to a breast clinic for more examinations and mammogram. Upon detection of a lump, the cancerous cells can be extracted with the help of a delicate needle. A biopsy should also be done to ascertain, if the affected area or lump is malignant.

Every woman should know how to do self-examination of her beasts, so that she can know her breasts easier and recognise abnormal changes on them.

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