The Link Between Negative Emotions and Cancer

The Link Between Negative Emotions and Cancer

The stress and negative attitude can be dangerous for your wealth as well as health. Almost every medical expert clears up this fact that the higher the amount of stress is, the higher will be the density of your physical illness. Statistics reveals that mental stress and negative emotional is responsible for around 85% of physical disorders. Not only our mental health is affected due to it, but the physical health gets adversely affected too.

Negative Emotional And Cancer has No Direct Relation

There is no such direct connection of negative emotional and cancer, but it has been proven that negative emotional experiences and mental stress weakens the immunity system. The negative emotions, stress, anxiety and fear are extremely toxic for body and for its anti-cancer defense system. It means that body loses its power to fight against cancerous cells and as a result, we get caught by this deadly disease.

How Negative Emotional Experiences Effect your Body?

After becoming a cancer patient, the quantity of stress and negative emotion increases automatically. The person loses the hope to live and directs himself straightly to death. Due to lack of knowledge regarding cancer and its treatments, many cancer patients die every year. Negative attitude and unwillingness to fight with this disease are the main reasons for a rise in its impact. The negative emotional experiences interrupt the energy flow in human body. As a result, the immune system becomes feeble day by day and gives space to cancer to reside in body.

The cancer patients are totally unaware of this fact that to get over this disease, they have to balance their mental-emotional state first. Along with all the medications and treatments, emotional recovery is equally important.

Tips for recovering from emotional loss

Some of the following tips can help to recover the emotional loss:

-Increase the intake of natural and unprocessed food

-Include appropriate exercise in your daily routine

-Take proper rest and enjoy the life as much as you can

-Use relaxation therapies like message and spa treatments

-Practice yoga and reading spiritual literature

-Maintain enough hygiene around you to feel fresh all the time

-Spend quality time with your loved ones

-Do introspection and find out your qualities and guts

-Try your hand on something creative like painting and cooking

-Effective solution for fighting Negative Emotional

Apart from the above tips, you can try out emotional remapping that is also an effective solution to this problem. In this process of 15 minutes, the person is supposed to sit on a magnetic chair. In between, you listen to some very soft and relaxation music. You also require wearing special glasses that shows you the “light game” that is actually created by your brain. In the end, you feel much relaxed and revitalized. This is just a simple method to help the body regain the energies lost by negative emotional experiences.

This technique can be used for all types of cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, Bone cancer, brain cancer, cervical cancer and stomach cancer. So, it is totally up to you get rid of cancer by realizing that your stress leads you nowhere.

To Your Health!

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