Prostate Cancer – The Potential of a Man Depends On His Prostate

Prostate Cancer – The Potential of a Man Depends On His Prostate

The prostate gland exactly the same shape and size of a walnut, is responsible in production of minerals and sugar in semen. Semen is the fluid responsible in transporting the sperm.

Introduction of Prostate cancer:

Among older men prostate cancer is the most common and one of the major causes of death. According to the World Health Organization report in 2002, which states that lung cancer and stomach cancer are affecting men in worldwide proportion while cases of prostate cancer are commonly seen from developed countries? In the WHO 2003 report on the global case of cancer, prostate and testicular cancer accounted 250,000 cases. The Prostate.com reported that there are 200,000 diagnosed cases of prostate cancer in the U.S. annually while the National Institute of Health reported that three-fourths of prostate cancer cases are diagnosed from men who are more than 65 years old while the disease is rarely fond among men who have not reach the age of forty.

Symptoms of Prostate cancer:

There are no significant signs of cancerous cell growth visible to the naked eye that makes this condition even more dangerous. The tumor linked to cancerous prostate cells normally grows slowly through the years and will not be noticeable until it causes symptoms for the patient to decipher. This type of tumor is malignant and is proven life threatening.

According to recent studies conducted by researchers, this prostate cancer in the advanced stage will spread outside the prostate into the nearest tissues such as the pelvic nodes. There are some isolated reports of a wide scale spread out throughout different regions of the patient’s body. Bones, liver and lungs are just a few parts of the body that might be affected if not cured right away.

But as these warning signs of prostate cancer begin to show, will lead one to believe of the possibility of an enlarged prostate. Medical check up should be done to ensure the condition and medical status of the individual. The earlier the detection, the diagnosis and treatment, the more the disease becomes tolerable. And the treatment may just work wonders and will provide you with the remedy that relieves you of the difficulties and pains experienced.

Solution of Prostate cancer:

This information only heightens the fear of having a prostate cancer [http://www.prostatecancertreatmenthelp.com/Prostate_Cancer_Detection_And_Treatment/] among men. So how does one deal with the problem earlier? Regular check up for the prostate is the most appropriate thing to do. Abnormality in a blood test may be a sign of prostate problem. Detection of a lump on prostate gland through rectal examination will also help the patient determine his health condition. Because of natural occurrence of the enlargement of the prostate, urethra will soon be narrowed and if a patient feels any difficulty or frequency in urinating, consulting a doctor is the best option. The doctor will know the best prescription for you in order to avoid complications like blockage of the urethra.

Some men will find it too hard to accept the fact that their manliness will significantly decrease because of this unavoidable condition. Prostate, in their younger years, help them in their conquest of sexual gratification but now, as they age, became their worst adversary because it has become a medical dilemma to deal with. There is no way to prevent the development and growth of this type of cancer. The only thing men have is the power of early detection and treatment to slow down the advancement and hopefully put a stop to escalation of the dangerous prostate cancer cells.


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