Drug to Reduce Lung Cancer Tumours in Development

Drug to Reduce Lung Cancer Tumours in Development


The sad truth is that these days, cancer has become more and more common. We all know of family members or friends that have battled this terrible disease. One of the most serious forms of cancer is lung cancer, which can spread quickly and fiercely. Scientists and doctors are constantly trying to develop new drugs that will combat cancer or slow down its progress. Recently, scientists at the Imperial College London identified a drug that might be able to help reduce the tumours that form when you have advanced lung cancer.

This drug, which is hoping to reach the clinical research trial stage next year, apparently wiped out small cell cancer tumours in half of the mice tested with the medication. One of the most positive outcomes of the research is that the drug blocked the cells capability to resist chemotherapy, a very positive development in these studies.

Lung cancer is a serious illness and the small cell version of this cancer can prove fatal. This advanced cancer makes up only 20% of all cases and diagnosis never leads to a good prognosis, with only 3% of patients surviving more than five years. The Imperial College London hopes that their proven studies will lead to the production of the drug which will result in the testing of the medicine on lung cancer patients.

Chemotherapy is an option for this form of intense lung cancer, but many times the cancer grows back just as fast as it shrinks. Cancer cells can also become resistant to chemotherapy due to a hormone called FGF-2. The new drug that has been developed (known as PD173074) blocks the growth hormone and prevents it from attaching itself to the tumour cells. Scientists and doctors are hoping that this treatment will eventually be available in pill form, helping lung cancer patients with their disease.

The drug was initially developed for different reasons but now further research has shown that this medication could have more than one function for people with lung cancer. However, development is far from complete and researchers are hoping to advance swiftly in the next year when it will be taken to clinical trials.

Recent studies for the drug that will treat lung cancer show that there is constant research being done in this field and hopefully these investigations will not stop. The already impressive results so far means that even more effort will go into the development of this drug in the future.

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