Cancer symptoms

Cancer symptoms


Cancer is a cell disease occurs due to the abnormal growth of cells. It means the uncontrolled cell division and the capacity of these cells to attack other tissues. It is also known as malignancy, which is a cancer tumor.

Cancer symptoms that may occur in specific types of cancers are persistent pain in bones, nausea, unusual bleeding, swelling in the breast, changed bladder habits, continual gruffness, swallowing problems and many others.

Each type of cancer has its own symptoms. If a person is suffering from bladder and kidney cancer, its main symptoms are frequent urination, blood in urine and pain while urinating. The main symptoms of breast cancer are swelling, burning or pain, reddishness and problems in nipples.

The symptoms of endometrial and cervical and uterine cancer are same. The major symptoms include: unusual discharge, heavy and painful menstrual periods. The person suffering from colon cancer has the following symptoms: stool with blood, change bowel habits, unrelenting diarrhea and constipation. The main symptoms of leukemia are decreasing weight, tiredness, recurring infections, nose bleeding and pain in bones and joints.

The symptoms of lung cancer are heaviness or chest pain, continual cough and blood in sputum. The symptoms of mouth and throat cancer includes ulcer in tongue or throat, which is not curable.

Prostate cancer weakens the flow of urine; the patient feels continuos pain in pelvis and upper thighs. Tumors below skin that never heals, skin moles are main causes of skin cancer. A person suffering from stomach cancer has the following symptoms: continuous fall in body weight, blood while vomiting and pain after eating.

The main causes of cancer are lack of fats and digestive enzymes, presence of poisons in food, air and water, too much intake of drugs, deficiency of minerals, vitamins specially vitamin C and B6, hormonal disparity, pathogens affecting the immune system.



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