Lower Your Chances Of Developing Cancer – Include Omega-3’s In Your Diet

Lower Your Chances Of Developing Cancer – Include Omega-3’s In Your Diet

It is a well- known fact that eating certain foods can lower your chances of developing cancer. There is data that suggests photo-chemical compounds in citrus fruit block tumour growth by direct action on the cancerous cells, restricting their ability to reproduce. Studies conducted in different parts of the world have succeeded in demonstrating a link between citrus consumption and a decrease in the risk of developing certain kinds of cancers; and is particularly convincing in the case of digestive tract cancers such as the mouth, larnyx, as well as stomach cancers; in which a decrease of 40-50% was observed.

Citrus fruits are an excellent form of vitamin C, but they also supply the body with several anti-cancer photo-chemical compounds. The many compounds present in fruit act directly on cancerous cells, stopping their progression. They can also be beneficial as anti-inflammatory. Consuming citrus fruit on a daily basis is a simple and effective way of adding zest to your diet as well as lowering your chances of developing cancer.

Red Wine contains Polyphenols which are found primarily in the skins and seeds of grapes. Red wine contains hundreds of polyphenols; but “resveratrol ” is the one that is currently attracting the greatest interest as the molecule responsible for the health benefits associated with a moderate consumption of red wine. The other polyphenols present in red wine promote good health; but the results obtained on the anti-cancer potential of resveratrol are spectacular, and the reason it has received much attention in recent years. Resveratrol has had significant testing which proves that it lowers your chances of developing cancer.

Lower mortality rates have been observed in populations that regularly consume red wine in moderate amounts and is believed to be related to a lengthening of cell life due to resveratrol. We do know that resveratrol has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and the protection it affords against cancer as well as its capacity to lengthen cell life. It could well be one of the best molecules of dietary origin that offers the greatest benefits for human health.

Omega- 3’s: Fats That Are Good For You.

Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s are known as essential fatty acids. Our bodies are incapable of making them on their own; so they must be supplied by diet. Omega -6’s are more abundant in our modern diet. We find them in meat, eggs, vegetables and also in vegetable oils and they provide the body with linoleic acid.

An adequate supply of Omega-3 fatty acids seems more difficult to obtain in our diet. The imbalance is tipped in favor of omega-6 fatty acids which could be responsible for causing cardiovascular disease and cancer. An abundance of omega-6’s also plays a role in causing inflammation.

Increasing the intake of omega-3’s while decreasing that of omega-6’s will significantly reduce the risk of all inflammatory ailments, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. One good way to increase omega-3 fatty acid intake is to use olive oil as the principal source of lipids. To include more omega-3 content in the diet you could use more plant sources such as freshly ground flax seed and to regularly consume fatty fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel.


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