The Different Types of Cancer That You Should Know About

The Different Types of Cancer That You Should Know About


There are many kinds of cancers that affect our health. In order to understand this deadly disease it is necessary to know the main categories of this disease and their different stages. Though there are many different types of this disease, they all are called cancer due to some characteristic similarity. All varieties of cancer cause cell growth in an abnormal proportion, in the affected parts and they tend to spread to the other parts of the body through blood and lymph vessels. The diseases categorized as cancer invade the body tissues and infect them.

What causes the different types of Cancer?

The occurrence and causes behind cancer are still being researched. This disease is caused by the mutation of normal body cells that lead to unruly growth of cells, which spins out of control. Our bodies are composed of millions of body cells and their activities are controlled by DNA. Thus, their functions are well-coordinated and occur in an organized manner. The normal body cells grow, divide and then die after a certain period of time. But the cancerous cells never die and continue to grow. They obstruct the normal functioning capability of the organs and intrude into the different types of tissues.

Some Types of Cancer You Should Know About:

Anal: An inch and a half long anus connects the large intestine to the passage through which stool is excreted. Any tumor which is not benign in nature that occurs here can be cancerous. This will cause bleeding, and you might observe discharge or lump formation.

Bone: The most common type of this disease configuration is termed as Osteosarcoma and it occurs commonly to people aged between 10 to 30 years of age. The tumor generally starts from the arms or pelvis or the leg bones. Chondrosarcoma is another variant of the bone cancer which is affects the cartilage tissues.

Breast: This is another severe type of cancer that occurs in the breast tissues of both female and male. A malignant tumor formed by malignant cells is formed which then grows out of control and metastasize or starts spreading to other parts of the body.

Cervical: The lower part of the uterus that connects the upper part of the uterus with the vagina is termed as cervix. The cells of cervix show some pre-changes which if not treated in time leads to cervical cancer. Through the Pap test the doctors can determine if the cervix cells are showing the symptoms of pre-cancerous symptoms.

Stomach: The lining of stomach is affected by this type of cancer for a long, unnoticed period of time. The pre-cancerous changes are often unobserved and that is why the cancer is not detected early.

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia: This type of Leukemia affects the white blood corpuscles and the bone marrow, where it is produced.

Lung: There are several types and sub-types of lung cancer. The most common of them is the non-small cell lung cancer. It starts from the alveoli and spreads elsewhere.

Ovarian: Cancer that occurs in the ovaries is termed as ovarian cancer.

Rectum/colon: The disease occurring in these parts of the body can be controlled by regular screening tests.

Thyroid: This disease affects the thyroid gland is called thyroid cancer.
What is the harm caused by cancer?

The cells do not function normally. They obstruct the different body tissues or the organs; they also cause hindrance to their normal functioning. By damaging the body tissues and destructing those, different types of cancer can be very dangerous for the affected person.

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