The Most Common Causes of Cancer

The Most Common Causes of Cancer


There are many different causes of cancer. Considering that there are well over one hundred different types of cancer, it is not really at all surprising to find that there are a large assortment of reasons why a person this type of condition. Cancer has the capability of originating in any part of the body. Most medical professionals refer to cancer as a “Multifactorial Condition”.

Basically, this means that many different factors play a role in the development of the condition. In nine out of ten cases of all cancers that are diagnosed, there is more than one simple cause for the development of the condition. In this guide, you will learn about the most common causes of cancer.


Immunity plays a large role in how our bodies handle complications such as infections, and other types of diseases throughout our lifetime. Unfortunately, if an individual has a weakened immune system, they may be susceptible to developing cancer throughout their lifetime.

Those that have naturally weak immune systems, those that have diseases such as HIV and even AIDS, and those that are about to receive a new organ or have received an organ recently may be susceptible to various types of cancers. Examples of cancers that affect those with immunity issues include, but are not at all limited to:

• Cervical Cancer

• Rectal Cancer

• Liver Cancer

• Stomach Cancer

• Lymphomas

Environmental Factors

When it comes to common causes of cancer, there are many environmental factors that may contribute to the development of this type of disease. Many do not realize that certain substances that they are exposed to on a daily basis may contribute to the onset of mutations within the cells of the body.

Examples of these types of factors include the sun that we are exposed to daily, the smoke that is emitted from tobacco based products, motor vehicles, and industrial areas in our communities. Additionally, pollution that exists naturally as well as man-made pollution may have an impact on our bodies that may prove to be negative.

Many medical professionals feel that environmental factors only contribute, rather than completely cause, cancer. Research is still being conducted on the impact of environmental factors and the development of cancer.


It has been determined that there are many viruses that may assist in the development and/or onset of cancer. It is important to understand, however, that cancer in itself is not “caught” because of the fact that an infection is present in the body.

Viruses contribute to the possible genetic based changes in the body and may result in abnormal changes or mutations within the cells that would normally be destroyed by the body or die off so that new cells may be created in their place. Examples of cancers that could be based on viral infections include, but are not limited to:

• Cervical Cancer

• HPV, or the Virus That Causes Genital Warts

• Liver Cancer

• Lymphomas

• T Cell Leukemia

Bacterial Infections

In recent years, many doctors and researchers have started to question the impact of bacterial infections on the development of various types of cancers. While only in the earliest stages of case studies, many interesting facts have been established. First, it has been found that if a person suffers from a type of bacterium referred to as “Helicobacter Pylori” in their stomach, inflammation may quickly occur.

When the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed, the risk of developing cancer of the stomach is greatly enhanced. In addition to this, it has been established that there are certain forms of bacterium in the digestive tract that may increase the opportunity for cancers that affect the bowels to develop.


There are many common causes associated with the development of cancer. Here, you have been introduced to a few. Other possibilities may include genetics, the ingestion and/or exposure to carcinogens, an individual’s age, the general level of health, and an individual’s particular body build. It is essential to visit your doctor regularly for tests, examinations, and evaluations.

If cancer is developing or has developed in your body, typically it is only a medical professional that is able to quickly identify it. These regularly schedules examinations and tests make it possible for a medical professional to identify this potentially life-threatening condition.


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