Knowing About Breast Cancer

Knowing About Breast Cancer


Number of people who survived from breast cancer in developing countries is much lower than developed countries. Early detection can be of one powerful way to fight this cancer. Like other types of cancer, breast cancer occurs as a result of changes in cell transformation. This transformation process occurs in normal cells that escape normal growth control mechanisms. Normal cells undergoing the process of this transformation can divide without control and form a cell producing tumor. The facts show that breast cancer is a solid cancer incidence with the highest in the world. The incidence of breast cancer in the United States shows 27/100.000 women and is estimated there are more than 200,000 new cases per day. The highest incidence of cancer with the number two (of 21 new cases based on data from 2009) in Indonesia after cervical cancer is expected to become the first major case when not conducted comprehensive cooperation by all parties. Data of hospital information system (HIS) 2007 indicates the occurrence of breast cancer reached 21.69 percent, higher than the numbers of cervical cancer by 17 per cent.

“You could say today is the generation of cancer, because more and more victims, slowly but surely increasing. The numbers are located in various parts of the world. If we do not do anything, the more people die from this cancer, “said Chairman of the Breast Health Foundation. Member of the Cancer Hospital also said that these factors caused the feeling reluctant to speak, ashamed to express the situation faced by themselves, and the cost of treatment is not affordable.

Therefore, support for the patient to survive the fight against cancer he suffered is needed in women diagnosed with breast cancer. Moral support from family and people closest to the main help someone in the fight against cancer. Support her husband, for example, is needed. He could help by assisting during treatment, help seeking social support group, and provides unlimited time to restore the confidence of the patient.

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