Significant Information Regarding Liver Cancer

Significant Information Regarding Liver Cancer


Liver is defined as a football-sized organ that which is found on the higher right part of the abdomen, under the diaphragm and on top of the stomach. Cancer of the liver is the tumor that begins from the cells.

The following are some symptoms and signs in the premature stages of the cancer:

· Loss of appetite

· Losing weight even without trying

· Pain in the upper abdomen

· Vomiting and nausea

· Fatigue and general weakness

· Enlarged liver

· Abdominal swelling

· Yellow discoloration of the skin and whites of the eyes or jaundice

Persistent infection having definite hepatitis viruses can lead to liver cancer. Liver cancer happens when liver cells build up changes in the DNA, the material which gives instructions to all chemical processes in the body. DNA mutations can cause changes in these orders. One outcome is that the cells might start to grow without control and finally form a growth which is a group of malignant cells.

Risk Factors:

1. Sex – Men are probable to develop cancer of the liver compared to women.

2. Age – In Europe, Australia and North America, liver cancer affects commonly older people. In developing nations of Africa abs Asia, cancer of the liver tends to happen at younger people with ages between twenty and fifty.

3. Persistent infection with HCV or HBV – Constant infection due to hepatitis B virus or hepatitis C virus adds your danger of cancer of the liver.

4. Cirrhosis – This irreversible or progressive situation causes scar tissues to form in the liver and adds to the probability of developing cancer of the liver.

5. Inherited liver illnesses – Liver ailments which may increase the danger of cancer of the liver include hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease and autoimmune hepatitis.

6. Diabetes – People with diabetes have a bigger possibility of liver tumor than those people who do not suffer from diabetes.

7. Non-alcoholic oily liver illness – Accumulation of too much fat within the liver adds to the danger of liver tumor.

8. Obesity – Having an unhealthy body increases the danger of liver tumor.

9. Extreme alcohol consumption – Taking in more than fair quantity of alcohol may cause irreversible damage to the liver and may increase the danger of cancer of the liver.

10.Contacts to aflatoxins – Eating foods polluted with fungi which produce aflatoxins largely increase the danger of liver tumor. Crops like corn and peanuts may become polluted with aflatoxins.

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