Cancer Ribbon Cookies As Favors Or Fundraisers

Cancer Ribbon Cookies As Favors Or Fundraisers


The pink ribbon is the universal sign for breast cancer. But there are many other colors associated with the symbolic ribbon that represent different types of cancers, as well as other illnesses or causes.

If looking to tie an event with one of these causes, a ribbon shaped cookie decorated with the particular color of the disease or cause makes a great favor. To top it off, edible favors are perhaps the most enjoyed and appreciated type of favor, rarely left behind when the celebration or event ends.

You can also use the cookies as fundraisers, raising both awareness and money. Whether you make and decorate the cookies yourself (ribbon shaped cookie cutters are easily found on the internet) or have them made for you, they should sell well. People will feel good when donating as well as they will have a delicious, little ‘thank you’ for doing so.

To fancy up the favor or fundraiser attach a attractive, personalized tag to each individually bagged/wrapped cookie. One especially nice touch is to print out labels with your message, and then with a paper punch larger than the label and using cardstock in a color to match the cookie, cut out the cardstock shapes and put the labels in the middle of the shape.

Some of the most well known ribbons in the States are:

Teal for ovarian cancer
Blue for prostate cancer
Silver for ovarian cancer
Gold for childhood cancers
Purple for pancreatic cancer, lupus and fibromyalgia
Black for melanoma
Gray for brain cancer
Periwinkle for stomach cancer
Red for Aids
Yellow for deployed troops and sarcoma and bone cancers
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Deb Rosenberg is an event planner and recommends these delicious, individually wrapped Ribbon Cancer Cookies offered at DivaEntertains.com that can be decorated with any color.

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